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Human Laterns
Theater Release Date: 1982
DVD Release Date: 2008-06-10
Length: 1 Hr. 35 Min.
Distributor: Shaw Brothers

Directed by:
Produced by:
Written by:

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Swordplay, savagery and blood-chilling thrills reign supreme in this outrageous mixture of martial arts and the macabre from Shaw Brothers! Two rivals, one rich and the other poor, enter an unholy pact to win an annual lantern-creating contest in their village; however, the terrifying secret behind their remarkable creations lies within the supple flesh of local maidens, who are disappearing at the hands of a demonic assailant! Now featuring shocking scenes too extreme for its Asian DVD release, this unflinching action-horror masterpiece is now finally available to American audiences to enjoy full strength and full throttle!

Shaw's Baby Doll: An Interview with Shawn Yin Yin
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"Brilliantly shot and undeniably creepy... deliriously sick, sleazy and gory with some kickass action!" - 10,000 BULLETS
"Arresting... gorgeous!" - HONG KONG DIGITAL
"This beautifully shot classic is immensely entertaining thanks to a combination of outrageous swordplay and richly gruesome and bizarre imagery!" - KUNG FU CINEMA
"A wonderfully gruesome tale!" - A BULLET IN THE HEAD

Human Laterns - Trailer

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