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Texas Chainsaw Massacre :The Beginning
Theater Release Date: October 6th, 2006 (wide)
DVD Release Date: 2007-01-16
Length: 1 Hr. 24 Min.
Rated: R for strong horror violence/gore, language and some sexual content.
Distributor: New Line Cinema
Starring: Jordana Brewster, Taylor Handley, Andrew Bryniarski, R. Lee Ermey, Heather Kafka

Directed by: Jonathan Liebesman
Produced by: Robert J. Kuhn, Toby Emmerich, Mark Ordesky
Written by: Sheldon Turner

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On one last road trip before they're sent to serve in Vietnam, two friends (Handley and Bomer) and their girlfriends (Baird and Brewster) get into an accident that calls their local sheriff (Ermey) to the scene. Thus begins a terrifying experience where the teens are taken to a secluded house of horrors, where a young, would-be killer is being nurtured.

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