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The Hitcher (2007)
Theater Release Date: January 19th, 2007 (wide)
DVD Release Date: 2007-05-01
Length: 1 Hr. 23 Min.
Rated: R for strong bloody violence, terror and language.
Distributor: Rouge Pictures (Focus)
Starring: Sean Bean, Sophia Bush, Zachary Knighton, Kyle Davis, Neal McDonough

Directed by: Dave Meyers
Produced by: Michael Bay, Andrew Form, Brad Fuller
Written by: Jake Wall III, Eric Bernt, Eric Red

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A young couple becomes trapped in a
terrifying game of cat and mouse when the blood-drenched, action-packed
thrill ride The Hitcher comes to DVD and HD-DVD on May 1, 2007 from
Universal Studios Home Entertainment. Sophia Bush (John Tucker Must Die, "One Tree Hill") and Zachary Knighton (The Prince and Me) star as college students who are terrorized and framed for a killing spree by a sociopathic drifter, portrayed with chilling intensity by Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings Trilogy, Flightplan). In his feature film debut, director Dave Meyers deftly creates a brutally intense, heart-pounding saga that will keep viewers on the edges of their seats all the way to the bloodcurdling climax. The Hitcher is available on DVD and HD DVD Combo format. Both include spine-tingling deleted scenes and bonus features that ramp up the fear factor in this unforgettable movie.

The latest unmissable psychological horror movie from producer Michael Bay
(Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Amityville Horror), The Hitcher is packed with
hair-raising plot twists and electrifying stunts that make it the most
terrifying DVD of the year.

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