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The Temptress
Theater Release Date:
DVD Release Date: 2008-06-28
Length: 1 Hr. 8 Min.
Rated: PG14 (Parental Guidance)
Starring: Jennifer Birn, Heather Blossom Brown, James Carolus

Directed by: Jeff Kirkendall
Produced by: Jeff Kirkendall
Written by: Jeff Kirkendall

Official Website


The independent vampire film THE TEMPTRESS is now for sale on a Special Edition DVD through online distributor FilmBaby.com. This is the first time the movie is commercially available, and the new disc includes lots of extras including a remastered version of the 40-minute prequel 3 TO MURDER (also commercially available for the first time). The DVD also includes commentary, trailers, behind-the-scenes photos and more. THE TEMPTRESS was produced in Upstate New York's Capital Region and features a cast of area talent. It is for sale on the Film Baby web site on the following page: http://www.filmbaby.com/films/2904

THE TEMPTRESS follows the exploits of Karen, Rachael and Tina, three women living a relatively subdued suburban existence. Their peaceful nights quickly come to an end when the evil and powerful vampire Angelique pays the ladies a visit. With the help of her followers she soon forces a confrontation between the two groups as the past comes to life and secrets are revealed... Other characters involved in this battle include a mild-mannered young man and a sadistic jewel thief.

A review from The Bloody Good Horror Page said of this movie: "The Temptress" is a low budget film that offers up a campy vibe, an interesting story, and the promise that it will never bore you."

And the website Vamps Carnival of Chaos said: "This movie was put together very well. Especially for a low budget independent company."

Go here for more information on the movie: http://www.veryscaryproductions.com/temptresspage.html

Very Scary Productions

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