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Movie Quotes

Children of the Corn II: The Final Sacrifice Quote(s)

Quote: The blood of those that defileth the corn must fall into the earth
Quote: She is the first to be sacrificed. First cut out her tongue, then when her pitiful protestations are silenced, carve out her heart! Each drop of their blood shall nourish the seeds of new life. Let the new harvest begin
Quote: That is the funeral pyre of those that have poisoned our world. All the adults are gone. You are one with us now, there are no others to come between us. Tonight, my brothers and sisters, is harvest moon and the new harvest is ours as the sons and daughters of the one true father, He Who Walks Behind the Rows, and tonight he calls on us to serve him
Quote: I’d love to sit and chat boys, but there’s a town meetin’. Some people are actually worried about problems with our sweet, innocent children
Quote: The sewer of seeds must be a child so that what is planted is without corruption untainted by the poisons of age. With the harvest moon tomorrow night our reign of peace shall dwell upon the land and the sword of righteousness shall strike down the infidel. Now let Gatlin and Hemingford be joined forever
Quote: The Earth shall be cleansed of those who poison Earth and its youth. It is written. He shall suffer for the sins of others, repent that which you have sinned.
Quote: The bible also teaches that, um, for everything there is a season
Quote: Movies are filled with violence blood and bodies; naked bodies writhing together glorifying fornication
Quote: Fornication. Fornication my friends is a pestilence. Look at each other. Go on look closely at each other. Go on look closely. That pestilence can dwell inside each and every one of us. But before we can conquer it, we must first recognize it. Now we here at Hemingford have just witnessed a terrible tragedy, our good neighbors in Gatlin have been called home to glory.
Quote: It is like the light form the corn. Not from the hand of man, but the mark of He Who Walks Behind the Rows
Quote: There is a power greater than all, and it is within us, but we know it not. We have eyes but see it not, and ears but hear it not. I saw the light that cam from the corn. He Who Walks Behind the Rows commands that we rid the land of all that defileth the corn. You do not see the truth Jedidiah because it is not yet with us. There is work to do before he cometh.
Quote: NO! He Who Walks Behind the Rows shall not allow it! Do you really think it was all Isaac’s doing Jedidiah? Do you?!
Quote: It is written, a leader will come from the corn, he shall make us as one
Quote: Hey, rag man. How’s it goin’? How’s the tabloid business huh? I loved that piece you did about jfk and his secret marriage to Rock Hudson
Quote: You know perfectly well that if we let those children into our houses, we’re gonna end up dead, just like those people did
Quote: Don’t you move that bus, stop it, stop right there, don’t you move one inch
Quote: Death in heartland America, a tragedy in macabre proportions, I can honestly tell you that I’ve never seen anything as shocking as what was discovered earlier today in this sleepy little farming community of Gatlin, Nebraska. Over 50 bodies found in various stages of decomposition have been discovered, setting up this scene as one of the most gruesome mass murders in the history of the country
Quote: Did you really think that He Who Walks Behind the Rows would allow you to escape? Did you?!

The quotes above are distinct quotations from the associated movie.

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