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Movie Quotes

Red Eye Quote(s)

Quote: 1) Hey, Rebecca, you can't just run off like that. 2) A man went in there. 1) Oh, everyone shares the same ones up here. I'll take you to the one closer to your seat. 2) But a lady's in there, too. 1) Huh? ...okay, one of *those* flights.
Quote: You're not stalking me, are you?
Quote: Lisa, whatever female-driven, emotion-based dilemma you're dealing with right now, you have my sympathy. But for the sake of time and sanity, let's break this down into a little male-driven, fact-based logic. One simple phone call saves your dad's life.

Quote: L - So, what do you do?
J - Government overthrows, flashy high-profile assassinations. The usual.
Quote: Usually when things are going perfectly, you're back on track, everything's going to plan, and then one day, outta nowhere, somebody forgets to bolt the engine to the wing.

Quote: Sometimes bad things happen to good people.
Quote: Lisa:It happened two years ago... the scar. It happened in a parking lot, in broad daylight... he held a knife to my throat the entire time. And I have spend the last two years trying to convince myself...
Jackson: That it was beyond your control?
Lisa Reisert: No... that it would never... happen... again.
[she stabs him in the neck with a pen]
Quote: When we get out of this, I may have to steal you.
Quote: Lisa: Name's Lisa. Jackson: Jackson. Lisa: Is it Jack for short? Jackson: Oh no, I haven't gone by Jack since I was ten....last name's Rippner. Lisa:...Jack, Rippner...Jack the...ohhh. That wasn't very nice of your parents. Jackson: (Laughs) That's what I told them, before I killed them. (Awkward silence then they both start to laugh)
Quote: Lisa: Where's your male driven, fact-based logic now, Jack?

The quotes above are distinct quotations from the associated movie.

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