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Movie Quotes

Saw II Quote(s)

Quote: [Tagline] Oh Yes, There Will Be Blood
Quote: Think of like finding a Needle in a hay stack...Hahaha
Quote: When your in hell the only person that can help you is the devil...
Quote: 1. If its stuck its a trap..
2. Lady this whole house is a trap...

Quote: You have more in commmon then you think...

Quote: The note said dont use the key...

Quote: I've played before....
Quote: Let the games begin
Quote: Why don't you shut up?! Because the only door you know how to open...IS BETWEEN YO' LEGS!!!
Quote: Oh yes, there will be blood
Quote: Those who don't appreciate life, din't deserve one
Quote: Oh yes, there will be blood

The quotes above are distinct quotations from the associated movie.

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