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Movie Quotes

The Blob Quote(s)

Quote: It's Indescribable. It's Indestructible. It's Insatiable.
Quote: It's the most horrible thing I've ever seen in my life. it dug its way into Martha's vagina and killed her from there.
Quote: [Flagg] I'm gonna go take a piss! **SNAPP!** AHHHHH!!!!!!! MY DICK!!!!
Quote: [Meg] Paul? [Paul] HHHEEEUEUUUU!!!! AHHHH!!! HAAAAA!!! [Meg] PAUL!!!! [Paul] HEEEUUUUU!!!!HAAAAAEEEUUUU!!!!hhaaaaaaaaauuuughhhh....
Quote: I told you we'd have snow. Gotta have faith!
Quote: Oh, Flagg, shove it up my ass, yea!!!!
Quote: AHHHHH!!!!!!AHHHHHHH!!!!!!THE BLOB'S DIGESTIN MY DICK!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!! ITS GONE!!!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!! MY BALLS!!!!!! AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! MY STRAP-ON!!!!!!ehhh......
Quote: It's the most horrible thing I've ever seen in my life.
Quote: Doctor, nothing will stop it.
Quote: I think you pissed it off.
Quote: These guys are tellin us how to keep our leftovers fresh!
Quote: You act like you're different, you put on this big show, but you're just like everyone else in this town, you're full of sh**, Flagg!

The quotes above are distinct quotations from the associated movie.

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