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Quote: I will permit this colored man to speak. But speak one word of the Communist Party lie or one word in code and I will blow his head off.
Quote: Don't you know who I am? I am Chocolate Chip Charlie.
Quote: ...seventy-five, eighty, ninety percent of the people in the world don't like me. No matter what I do. I give my body, I give my soul. And they don't like me. They have never liked me.
Quote: They're no match for the American boy. We have never lost a war. What about 'Nam, sir? That war was lost at home, sonny.
Quote: I like the sight of blood but this is disgusting.
Quote: It moves around all by itself, it moves! I saw it move in the refrigerator!
Quote: When you talk to the FBI, would you tell 'em this for me? (punches man)
Quote: Yeah, yeah, I missed out on abscam, DeLorean, all that good stuff.
Quote: When I was a little girl I didn't think there was anything I liked better than ice cream. Now I'm a big girl and I've decided there's something I like better. Much better. It's called...

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