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Movie Quotes

Van Helsing Quote(s)

Quote: How does it feel to be a puppet on my string?
Quote: Velcan: I would rather die than to help you!
Dracula: Don't be boring. Everyone who says that dies.
Quote: anna: i think if your going to kill someone, kill them. dont stand there talking about it.
Quote: As grateful as I am to be out of the cold, I don't think that's a good thing..
Quote: Scence:2
Mr.Hyde:You're a big one.You will be hard to digest.
Vanhelsing:I'd hate to be such a nuisence.I missed you in london.
Mr.Hyde:No,your bloody did not.You got me good.
Van:Dr.Jerkyll,you're wanted by the knights of the holy order---
Mr.Hyde:It's M.Hyde now!
Van:for the murder of twelve men, six women...
Mr.Hyde(laughing):Twelve men ,six women ,four children, three adults and long long nasty massacre of poultry!
Mr.Hyde:So, you are the great Van helsing.
Van:And yor are a vicious psychopath.
Mr.Hyde:Well, we all have our little problems.
Van:Now, my superiors would like for me to take you alive,so that they might extricate your better half.
(lauhging)Mr.Hyhe:I hate bloody words.
Van:Personally,I'd rather just kill you and call it a day. But lets make it a decision ,shall we?
Mr.Hyde:Hmm,do let's.(attacks him)
Mr.Hyde:The bell!The bell!!
Van:I will bet that's upsetting.
Mr.Hyde:Ah Paris,I think,I think, you will find the view over here rather spectacular.
Van:God rest you soul...
People:Van helsing.....It's Van helsing!
Sergeant:Vanhelsing you MURDERERRRRR....!

Quote: scence:1 Dr.Victor:It's alive!its alive!!
Top hat:There he is! hit again.
Dr.Victor: Oh Count it just you.
Count:I was beginning to lose faith. victor! The pity your movement of triumph is being spoiled over little thing like grave robbery. Victor:yes,yes,I must, I must, escape this place.
Count:Where are you going to run Victor. Your peculiar experiments have made you to undreamt in most of the civilized work.
Victor:I wil take him away far away.I won't be never find him.
Count:oh,no victor the time has come for me to take command of him.
victor:What do u mean.
Count:Why do you think I brought you here, gave you this castle,equipped your laboratory?
Victor:You such,you such believed in my work.
Count:But I dont,but now that it is as your self as said the triumph of silence over new,it must now serve my purpose.
victor:What purpose?
Victor:Good God...Iwould kill myself before helping in such a task.
Count:Feel free. I dont actually need you any more, Victor I just need him...he is the key.
Victor:Iwould allow him to be used for such evil.
Count:I could,Infact,my brides are existing about it.
vicotr:Igor, help me.
Igor:You help me so kind to me doctor , came doctor but he pays me.
(victor takes a sword)
Victor:Stay back.
Count:You cant kill me, Victor.
(Count pusheshimself onto the sword)
Count:Iam already dead.
(frankentein takes victor to wind mill to help)
Igor:Doctor Frankentein.
Top hat:Look !Its headed for the wind mill.
Top hat:Put the fire.
Villager:Vampires!Run for your lives.

Quote: so be3 it
Quote: van:whatever u do, dont stare at him.carl:I'm staring at him.carl:is ha a man?van:actually,it'sseven men, part of them anyway
Quote: what do think of that
Quote: so be it.
Quote: 1:I could never allow him to be used for such evil. 2:I could.
Quote: Van Helsing: Carl, you cursed, but you're a monk.
Carl: Technically, I'm just a friar so I can curse all I want. Dammit.
Quote: Little Vampire Girl: Master, master, look master! Look!
Quote: Anna:) You have no heart beat...Dracula: Perhaps it just needs to be rekindled.
Quote: Dracula: One brief moment of pain...and we could be together forever.
Quote: Anna: You make my skin crawl.
Dracula: That is not all I could do with your skin.
Quote: *Van Helsing barely hangs on to the side of the carriage. He bangs on the door* Van Helsing:) Carl!! Frankenstein monster:) I can help! Carl:) You won't kill me? Frankenstein monster:) Only if you don't hurry!
Quote: *Anna hangs off the side of the carriage* Anna:) Carl!! Carl:) Oh my God. *Carl opens up the door* Carl:) What are you doing out here!? Anna:) *frustrated* Carl!! Carl:) Right, right! Don't let go!
Quote: Anna: What do you want!?
Frankenstein monster: To exist.
Quote: Anna: Oh my God…the Frankenstein monster!
Frankenstein monster: Monster?! Who's the monster here!? I have done nothing wrong, and yet you and your kind all wish me dead!
Quote: Anna: Yes...he was looking for Dracula. He was on his way to the sea. I've never been to the sea...*pause* I'll bet it's beautiful.
Quote: Gravedigger:) I see the wolf-man hasn't killed you yet.
Van Helsing:) Don't worry...he's getting to it.
Quote: Whose hunting whom?
Quote: Mr. Hyde:) You're a big one...you'll be hard to digest. Van Helsing:) I'd hate to be such a nuisance.
Quote: Anna: We Transylvanians always look on the brighter side of death. Van Helsing: There's a brighter side of death? Anna: Yes, it's just harder to see.
Quote: Anna: I promised you a drink.
Van Helsing: Yes, you did.
Anna: The bar is down the hall, help yourself.
Quote: Van Helsing: I can help you.
Anna: Pfft, no one can help me.
Van Helsing: I can try.
Anna: You can die trying, all of my family has. I can handle this myself.
Van Helsing: So I've noticed...
Anna: The vampires attacked in daylight, they never do that. I was unprepared. It won't happen again.
Van Helsing: So why did they attack in daylight?
Anna: Clearly they wanted to catch me off guard. They seem almost desperate to finish off my family.
Van Helsing: Why is that? Why now?
Anna: You ask a lot of questions.
Van Helsing: Hm,usually I ask only two; What am I dealing with and how can I kill it.
Quote: Van Helsing: The cardinal has orderer you to keep me alive...for as long as possible. Carl: But I'm not a field-man...Van Helsing! I don't want to go to Translyvania!
Quote: Van Helsing: That's why your coming with me. Carl: Oh, to hell be damned that I am. Van Helsing: You cursed! Not very well mind you but you're a monk, you shouldn't curse at all. Carl: Well, actually I'm just a friar, I can curse all I want....damn it.
Quote: Van Helsing: And that should come in handy how? Carl: Oh, I don't know, you could blind your enemies, charbroil a herd of charging wildebeest, use your imagination.
Quote: Carl: Now, I've heard the stories coming out of Transylvania, trust me you'll need this. A work of certifiable genius. Van Helsing: If you don't say so yourself. Carl: No, I did say so myself. I'm a very cornucopia of talent.
Quote: *Carl causes an explosion, people yell* Carl: Oh, sorry! Sorry! Sorry! Sorry... Man: What in the name of Allah is wrong with you? Carl: The air around here is thick with envy.
Quote: Carl: Here take this...rings of garlic, holy water, silver stake, crucifx. *gatling gun goes off* Van Helsing: Why can't I have one of those? Carl: You've never gone after vampires before now have you? Van Helsing: Vampires, gargoyles, warlocks, they're all the same. Best when cooked well. Carl: No, no, no, no, they're not all the same. A vampire is nothing like a warlock. My granny could kill a warlock.
Quote: Carl: Ah, there you are. Well, did you bring Mr. Hyde back or did you kill him? Hm, you killed him didn't you? That's why they get so annoyed! When they ask you to bring someone back they don't mean as a corpse. Oh all right, you're in a mood, well come on. I've got a few things that'll put the bit back in your mouth.
Quote: Priest: We can not let them slip into Purgatory. Van Helsing: So you're sending me into hell. Priest: In a manner.
Quote: aleera- so much troubled my master. So much troubled.
Quote: Dracula: I can tell the character of a man by the sound of his heartbeat. (claps his hand in a rhythm of a heartbeat) Usually when I approached I can almost dance to the beat... Strange... that yours is so steady.
Quote: Dracula: I send you on a simple errand, to find out who our new friend is, and you stop for a talk with you sister.
Velkan: Leave her out of this, Count! She doesn't know your secret, and I am soon to take it to my grave.
Dracula: Don't wish for death so quickly. I intend for you to be quite useful.
Velkan: I would rather die than help you.
Dracula: Don't be boring, everyone who says that dies.

Quote: Anna: Some say you are a murderer, Mr. Van Helsing. Others say you are a holy man. Which is it? Van Helsing: ...A bit of both, actually.
Quote: Dracual: You are too late Gabriel! My children live!!! Van Helsing: Then the only way to kill them is to kill you. Dracual: Correct. Van Helsing: So be it.
Quote: Aleera: Tsk tsk tsk tsk tsk. So much trouble for my master... So much trouble.
Quote: Van Helsing: I missed you in London. Mr. Hyde: You bloody well did not! (shows a bullet hole in his arm) You got me good!
Quote: Frankenstein Monster: Help me!!! Carl: But you're supposed to die! Frankenstein Monster: I want to live!!! Carl: ...Alright!
Quote: Anna: He is the first person to kill a vampire in over a hundred years. I'd say that's earned him a drink.
Quote: Aleera: Anna, my love, it is your blood that will keep me beautiful, what do you think of that?

Anna: I think if you're going to kill someone, kill them, don't stand there talking about it!
Quote: Don't play coy with me Princess, I know what lurks in your lusting heart.
Quote: No one here to save you, Jesus Christ is in heaven now.
Quote: You can't stop here! It's bat country!
Quote: Aleera- Did i scare you? Carl- (shaking with fright)n..no Aleera- Then maybe i need to try a little harder.
Quote: Verona- Mirishka! Kill the stranger! Mirishka- Love to...
Quote: Too bad. So sad.
Quote: I shall fear no evil.
Quote: Woman:What can I do to repay you? *Leans in and whispers* Woman: ...But you can't do that. You're a monk. Carl:Actually, I'm only a friar.
Quote: you thought you got Igor, but Igor got YOU!
Quote: I think that when you want to kill someone, then kill them, don't stand arround talking about it!
Quote: Van Helsing, you murderer!...
Quote: Carl: Now it'll be two days before your first full moon, so we have 48 hours to find the cure. Van Helsing: Good. Then I have nothing to worry about. Carl: What!? You should be terrified! Van Helsing: (sarcastically) Thank you, Carl.
Quote: Dracula: Igor, why do you torment that poor creature?
Igor: It's what I do.
Dracula: Remember, do unto others...
Igor: Before they do unto me!
Quote: Van Helsing: He's a size 17, 135 lbs, 7'4, gimpy right leg, and 3 copper teeth.
Anna: How do you know he has 3 copper teeth?
Van Helsing: He's standing right behind you!
Quote: Van Helsing: Carl! You're a genius!

Carl: A genius with access to unstable chemicals
Quote: Carl: Do you think the hat is too much?

Van Helsing: Will you just help me?

Carl: Oh right, sorry.
Quote: Van Helsing: Carl, I've got something for you to do

Carl:I'm not going to like this, am I?
Quote: Carl: I know what it does! I know what it does! Um...where are we going?
Quote: Carl: What are you doing down there?
Quote: Carl: Where would you go? I don't know if you've looked in a mirror lately, but you'll stand out in crowds.
Quote: Carl: Well that's not good. Must warn somebody.
Quote: Carl: Why does it smell like wet dog in here?
Quote: Carl: No, no, no. A vampire is nothing like a warlock. My grandmother could kill a warlock.

Van Helsing: You've never even been out of the abbey, how can you know about vampires?

Carl: I read.
Quote: Carl: No, no, no. A vampire is nothing like a warlock. My grandmother could kill a warlock.
Van Helsing: You've never even been out of the abbey, how can you know about vampires?
Carl: I read.

The quotes above are distinct quotations from the associated movie.

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