Random Content from Scary Videos|Scary Games|Scary Flashhttp://www.everythingscary.com/scary/View scary videos, play scary games and scary flash at EverythingScary.comen-ushttp://www.everythingscary.com/scary/rss.php Left to Die Rambo is trapped in a jungle of zombies and must shoot them all to survive http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/565/left-to-die.html The Infection Investigate a biological threat and shoot to destroy the zombie mutants http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/376/the-infection.html Across Zombieland Drive a spiked truck through boxes and zombies and splatter them http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/498/across-zombieland.html Anti Zombie Bunker Protect your ground position by shooting the antizombie turret at approaching zombies http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/616/anti-zombie-bunker.html Zombie Task Force Use physics and move blocks around to detonate bombs and blow the zombies up http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/483/zombie-task-force.html Zombie Launcher Launch a zombie from a cannon and hit all the pumpkins http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/501/zombie-launcher.html Pumpkin Run Grab all the candy Watch out for bats and ghosts BOO http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/6/pumpkin-run.html The Walking Dead Stand your ground and shoot the waves of attacking zombies before they break through the fence http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/579/the-walking-dead.html ZomBoz Use gravity and trick shoots to blast all the zombies on each level http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/526/zomboz.html Simpleton Play as a simpleton and destroy the oncoming zombies Game features cool physics great gameplay and LOTS of zombie killing weapons http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/151/simpleton.html