Random Content from Scary Videos|Scary Games|Scary Flashhttp://www.everythingscary.com/scary/View scary videos, play scary games and scary flash at EverythingScary.comen-ushttp://www.everythingscary.com/scary/rss.php Pimp My Zombie Pimp My Zombie is a simple dress up game with a Zombie twist Create your favorite zombie look http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/149/pimp-my-zombie.html Zombie Arena Zombie Arena is an addictive shoot em up with loads of upgrades and lots of Zombies Rack up kills and make the Zombies pay http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/244/zombie-arena.html Zombie Horde Defend yourself from the zombies using bricks guns flamethrowers and more http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/31/zombie-horde.html Zombie Slayer Kill loads of zombies in the cemetary with various weapons and try to stay alive http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/115/zombie-slayer.html Lodge Massacre Someone or something is killing people at the lodge in the woods and you need to save them http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/988/lodge-massacre.html Zombie Breakin Shoot the waves of zombies breaking in through each door http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/497/zombie-breakin.html Spooky Pairs Match all pairs of Halloween Themed Cards before time runs out http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/451/spooky-pairs.html Zombie Removes Head Guide a zombie boy with a removeable head across platforms collect gold coins and reach the exit http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/586/zombie-removes-head.html Dance Floor Collapses Dance floor collapse right before your eyes http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/23/dance-floor-collapses.html Dead Hell Try to survive as a sharptoothed zombie in an underground laboratory full of enemies http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/615/dead-hell.html Slow Motion Water Balloon Slow Motion Water Balloon Of all the scary flash pranks this is by possibly the scariest YEEAHHHHH http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/173/slow-motion-water-balloon.html Paranormality Help the dog collect the treasures but avoid the birds and other evil ghouls in this adventure http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/124/paranormality.html Baths Salts Zombies Shoot at the zombies attacking from all directions using a truck mounted machine gun http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/552/baths-salts-zombies.html Jack the Zombie Play as a zombie and shoot the people standing on platforms http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/590/jack-the-zombie.html All We Need Is Brain Zombies lack brains and they love to eat them Set some deadly brain traps and lead them to death http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/459/all-we-need-is-brain.html