Random Content from Scary Videos|Scary Games|Scary Flashhttp://www.everythingscary.com/scary/View scary videos, play scary games and scary flash at EverythingScary.comen-ushttp://www.everythingscary.com/scary/rss.php Escape From Camp Crystal Lake Your car ran out of gas in the middle of nowhere so youre forced to spend the night in a seemingly abandoned holiday campsite All seems well until you wake up in the middle of the night from a chilling shriek echoing from somewhere nearby http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/286/escape-from-camp-crystal-lake.html Baths Salts Zombies Shoot at the zombies attacking from all directions using a truck mounted machine gun http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/552/baths-salts-zombies.html The Abaddon Demon Shooter You have to shoot the Incubi Bebiliths and Cerberus back to hell and at last kill the Abaddon Stay alive and have fun http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/199/the-abaddon-demon-shooter.html The Vampires Crypt Help Houdini escape from a straitjacket while suspended upside down above the Budapest Bridge Then he will face spiders bats werewolves and the vampire himself http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/380/the-vampires-crypt.html Zombie Exterminator Level Pack Cut through ropes and ice and drop objects on zombies to exterminate them http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/540/zombie-exterminator-level-pack.html Zombie Removes Head Guide a zombie boy with a removeable head across platforms collect gold coins and reach the exit http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/586/zombie-removes-head.html Being One Escape the Lab You wake up inside a green vat liquid bubbling in front of your eyes You must escape the vat and this evil laboratory http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/367/being-one-escape-the-lab.html Scary Deer Attack This guy is lucky to survive this bucks attackWild deer can be very dangerous http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/106/scary-deer-attack.html Scary Chicken Guy FEAR The Chicken Guy Its pretty scary what this guy can do with his body http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/260/scary-chicken-guy.html Billy Genocide Do you have a boring life Revitalize your life fighting and slaying zombies Play as Billy Genocide in this action zombie game http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/282/billy-genocide.html Red Road Rage Drive over zombies or shoot them dead and earn vehicle upgrades http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/577/red-road-rage.html Zombie Car Clash Madness Drive like a madman over zombies and robots in an armored car while shooting them http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/458/zombie-car-clash-madness.html City of Zombies and Ninjas Play as a ninja girl and use your sword as a weapon of destruction against attacking zombies http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/429/city-of-zombies-and-ninjas.html Unsurvival Zombie themed survival game Kill as many undead as you can before your ammo runs out and live to kill http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/311/unsurvival.html Caspers Haunted Christmas Stop your three uncles from their favorite pastime which is scaring your young nice friend Holly Stop uncles Fatso Stretch and Stinky from haunting http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/191/caspers-haunted-christmas.html