Random Content from Scary Videos|Scary Games|Scary Flashhttp://www.everythingscary.com/scary/View scary videos, play scary games and scary flash at EverythingScary.comen-ushttp://www.everythingscary.com/scary/rss.php Burning Scarecrow Light fires to the grass and burn all the scarecrows while using the minimum number of matches http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/608/burning-scarecrow.html Zombie Tormentor Slice up zombies hanging from chains using spiked balls and a circular saw http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/533/zombie-tormentor.html Zombie Farm A farmer overdosed his farm animals and they have transformed into zombie critters Help the Pyro Robot now clean up this zombie mess http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/317/zombie-farm.html Helloweentine Shoot and kill the bad zombies they are good for nothing Create perfect zombie couples by shooting the good ones in the heart http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/390/helloweentine.html Hungry are the Dead Protect yourself from hordes of Zombies Shoot the undead with headshots if you are capable use grenades and purchase upgrades to build up your defenses http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/274/hungry-are-the-dead.html Monster Chamber A Doomlike first person shooter where you navigate around chambers and shoot monsters http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/480/monster-chamber.html Grave Blaster Protect your sphere from zombies djinns skeletons and other baddies by shooting at them You control 3 soldiers each have 6 different weapons that can be upgraded in many ways Each soldier has a different role and characteristics http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/285/grave-blaster.html Zombie Erik Help shoot down as many zombies and evil dead as you possibly can http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/127/zombie-erik.html Zombie Cage Dont let zombies devour your chicks shoot them through the cage http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/493/zombie-cage.html Bounzy Halloween Shoot the Halloween characters using ricochet shots that bounce past obstacles http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/547/bounzy-halloween.html Zombie Hospital Zombie Hospital is a simple 3d first person railgun shooter of the likes of House Of The Dead Shoot the approaching zombies before they reach you http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/372/zombie-hospital.html Killer Escape 2 The Surgery Escape from the killers cell and gather medical supplies to patch your wounds up http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/578/killer-escape-2-the-surgery.html Zombie Slayer Kill loads of zombies in the cemetary with various weapons and try to stay alive http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/115/zombie-slayer.html Zombie Terminator Its time for zombies to die These zombies are hardened criminal transformed into the undead so be careful http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/406/zombie-terminator.html Spooky Pairs Match all pairs of Halloween Themed Cards before time runs out http://www.everythingscary.com/scary/play/451/spooky-pairs.html