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Waimea Falls
Posted by jen_s
Date Posted: 05/29/2008

At Waimea Falls (Oahu, Hawaii), in the 1970's, there were three friends swimming in the pool of the falls. One man was from Seattle and the other two came from San Diego,CA. They all were vacationing in Honolulu and found Waimea Falls and were swimming and having fun. They were jumping from the top of the rocks down into the waterfalls to the pool. The guy from Seattle followed his friends and when he jumped, he dove down into the water (his friends saw him) and never came back up. His friends went in and dove everywhere looking for him. They spent the whole day searching for him and they couldn't find him. He just disappeared into the water.

They called the police and the two scared, very pale guys told their story. The Lieutenant Officer listened and frowned. He gathered up his police force, the HPD (Honolulu Police Department), and went to Waimea Falls to search for the body. The Lieutenant knew that this was the third time this year that somebody went missing at Waimea Falls and after three days they would find a dead body in the pool. This was the first day the body was missing and the Lieutenant thought that this could be his chance to actually find the guy alive before the third day.

They searched the falls and the surrounding area and found nothing. He told the two friends that they should go back to the mainland and get some sleep. Maybe he would find their friend's body tomorrow. They told him NO -- THEY WERE GOING TO SLEEP THERE OVER NIGHT. (Idiots) The lieutenant said okay, but I don't know if that would help at all.

That night at the falls the two friends camped about ten feet away from the pool. They were attempting to sleep when they heard some rustling in the bushes. They thought it was a wild boar or some kind of animal. They didn't move until it went away. They were about to fall asleep again when they heard the animal scream. But, was it an animal? It sounded so human. They jumped up and ran out of that valley. They called the lieutenant and told him what had happened.

Since it was close to daylight, the leutenant started his search again. They all searched for a long time. This day, the water was unusually clear and they thought they had a better chance at finding something, but they didn't find anything. At about 11 or 12 midday he figured maybe he would see something in the water if he climbed up to the water falls and looked down. He climbed up to the top and looked down and finally saw a body of a man faced down(so you could only see his back) on what looked to be a big flat rock. He shouted to his officers that the body was three feet away from them. They couldn't see it. Yet they managed to pull his body out of the water without actually seeing it. When they found his foot, they knew he was there. As they were putting the body on a stretcher, the lieutenant noticed that the water in the pool was rising. He could see the water begin to bubble back and forth as if something was moving under the water. Everyone was staring at the pond. All of a sudden the water in the pond indeed started to rise and it looked like there was going to be a wave of water coming out. They started to hurry and run out of the valley.

They were running away as this huge wave of water was behind them. It was as if something didn't want them to find that body. The water splashed on the road and beach as they left the valley.

The Lieutenant was amazed and perplexed and couldn't explain this strange event. He wrote down in the report everything that happened. The visitors from the mainland left the next day.

Later that year, he was talking to his Hawaiian friend, who lived in the town just outside of the valley. He never shared his work with him but he decided to share this one experience with him. He told his friend the story and his friend said, "Ahh, waterfalls has an akua (a god) that requires male sacrifice certain times of the year. He didn't want the body to leave the pool because the ceremony wasn't finished, and when you took the body out, the water was dirty so he threw the water out." Listening to this the Lieutenant decided that this had to make sense.

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