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The top 10 rated links in the directory.
1) Angels & Ghosts
Angels & Ghosts
Added: 2005-01-16 Hits In: 3934 Hits Out: 5605

2) All Things Zombie
The best zombie site on the web! News, reviews, contests, downloads, and much more!
Added: 2003-08-22 Hits In: 2377 Hits Out: 4419

3) Gothic Wallpapers at Creative-Wallpapers.com
Makes your mobile phone look like heaven...and sound like hell! Download one of our Grim Reaper wallpapers and a Tales from the Crypt Ringtone!
Added: 2006-04-09 Hits In: 1173 Hits Out: 1019

4) Jude's Place
Features Jude Liebermann's sci-fi/action/adventure/fantasy/occult/romance novels and ebooks
Added: 2003-09-26 Hits In: 966 Hits Out: 538

5) Atrocities Cinema.com
Extreme Horror for an Extreme Age - Horror DVD & Genre Reference Book Reviews, News, Exclusive Interviews, Forums and much more...
Added: 2005-05-21 Hits In: 933 Hits Out: 529

6) Laurawrites.net
Official home of, "Timeslips & Terrors." Web site offers extensive information for writers as well as free reading, games, and other activities.
Added: 2005-10-11 Hits In: 932 Hits Out: 3710

7) so creepy
Constantly updated Halloween ideas, horror collectibles, horror movies and articles about everything so creepy. Socreepy keeps the creep all year long!
Added: 2005-07-28 Hits In: 790 Hits Out: 1425

8) National Paranormal Society
National Paranormal Society was established for the sole purpose of research and discovery. Our logo symbolizes our journey in exploring every possibility on our quest to unlock the truth...
Added: 2006-05-29 Hits In: 748 Hits Out: 471

A paranormal club for serious investigations in Southeast Michigan and beyond.
Added: 2003-08-17 Hits In: 744 Hits Out: 430

10) Addams Family Costume
Find that perfect Wednesday, Morticia or Gomez costume from the Addams Family.
Added: 2006-04-11 Hits In: 727 Hits Out: 580


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