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Posts: 13
April 08, 2006
Reply ID: 122 | Date Posted: 07/11/2008 at 06:48 pm

Interesting, can you provide any proof. Then
we could direct you to paranormal professionals.

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Posts: 1
December 12, 2009
Reply ID: 169 | Date Posted: 12/16/2009 at 04:04 am

Can you see the ghost?? if you can then relax dont worry, if you cant there is 100% chance that it wont hurt you. Dont ask how i know these things my grandma saw ghosts untill she died. Umm so if youn see the ghost if you can hear it and it can hear you then talk to it and ask why are you
doing this? If it is a reletive and its sad then you gotta get your parents and if it isnt ask it these word of the following; why, when, who and where if the place is close tell your 'rents your goin' out with a friend or something. But make sure you try to help or maybe it might... kill you. JUST SUGGESTING as i said my grandma saw ghosts.

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