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Posts: 2
June 11, 2007
Reply ID: 59 | Date Posted: 06/15/2007 at 11:58 pm

Dude other people need help 2 like me
i just posted a new story, i'm writing a book and that was the first story
i'll be posting my other ones 2 but right now i'm on story 8 and i have no idea what 2 put on it, can someone help me out:
has to be about porcelain dolls
when someone gets the doll it will be holding up 7 fingers
at the end of the stoy the doll has 2 be holding up 8 fingers
and of course people have 2 die
pleaz help me out

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Posts: 1
August 20, 2007
Reply ID: 71 | Date Posted: 08/20/2007 at 04:00 pm

Well...about the ghosts and the hospital, you could have someone who finds themselves seriously ill one day and they go to a hospital. After they arrive there, new patients keep coming in. One night, the person who was seriously ill killed themselves and 5 other patients. And so they all disintegrate into ghosts and kill everybody. I don't really know...
About the porcelain doll story...um...you could have someone buying the doll one day for free because the person doesn't want it. The doll keeps acting strangely. One day, the doll moves and kills the girl and the rest of her family while they are sleeping. Then the next day, another girl buys the doll...

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