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Forums : General Discussion Reply
Reply ID: 44 | Date Posted: 01/30/2007 at 09:23 pm

Yes, was real hot in late 80's.
Starred in Silver Bullet and Lost Boys
among other movies

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Posts: 4
July 17, 2007
Reply ID: 63 | Date Posted: 07/18/2007 at 09:45 am

one half of the "Corey's" both Corey's stared in several 80's movies together Corey Haim and Corey Feldman(?)

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Posts: 3
September 16, 2007
Reply ID: 78 | Date Posted: 09/16/2007 at 06:55 pm

"Prayer of the roller boys" I loved him in that movie!!! I hope he gets a career going again. Maybe a lost boys 2??? Sooo CUTE

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Posts: 3
September 16, 2007
Reply ID: 91 | Date Posted: 12/19/2007 at 05:16 pm

a girl named Jessica went online she started talkin to another girl. it started out normally......... Jessica: Hey person. Other girl: Hello Jessica: You've been a really interesting person to talk to. Other girl: Really? Thanks. You really mean it? Jessica: Yea. Other girl: What's ur name again? Jessica: My name is Jessica. What's urs? Other girl: I can't really tell u. Jessica: Why? Other girl: Because I'm dead. Jessica: What? Other girl: I'm dead. Jessica: How can u be dead? I mean, dead people don't i.m. living people. Other girl: Yes they can because I can. Jessica: Ok then, so ur dead. Ok. So what's ur real name now that I know that u are dead? Other girl: Mary, or at least it is now. Jessica: So where do u live 'dead person' and what's ur last name and ur real name? Mary: Do you really want to know? Jessica: Yea, duh. I mean, ur probably lyin and I wanna know who u really r by lookin in the phonebook. Mary: You really wanna know? Jessica: (Feeling Frustrated) Yes. I DO! Now just tell me ur dumb name! Mary: I"m not dumb. Jessica: (Calming down a little) Fine then. Ur not. So tell me ur name. Mary: I live in mirrors and travel by them, and my full name is BLoody Mary. Jessica: (Laughing) You can't be bloody Mary. There's no such thing! Mary: Are u sure about that? Do you wanna find out the hard way? I know everythin about u. I know where u live, what u like, who u like, ur favorite color, ur full name, and I know what u are scared of. Jessica: Ok, ur really freakin me out now. Stop it! Mary: I won't. If u don't copy this conversation down and send it to 15 people, I will come to you. The Next Day... Jessica woke up in the mornin after sendin a copy of her conversation to 15 people. She went into her bathroom and turned on the lights. She looked into her mirror and all of a sudden, the lights went out. She looked into the mirror and saw a person standing next to her with a long blood covered knife. She was holding it up over Jessica's head. Jessica looked around and felt around but felt nobody else in the room. She turned around and turned on the lights. She turned around and there was no person beside her or in the mirror anymore. Then she looked on the ground and saw something red. She bent down and felt it. It was wet and looked like blood. Bloody Mary didn't hurt Jessica only because she sent the e-mail to 15 other people. Now you have to too or Bloody Mary might get you. Send it to 14 or lower people, and you never know what might happen... After you send it instead of clicking OK hit alt. and then F4 you will see a mysterious picture of Bloody Mary this is dum

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