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Reply ID: 92 | Date Posted: 12/19/2007 at 05:18 pm

i'm going to buy it for me.... i mean my older brother (I LOVE DEAN)

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Reply ID: 97 | Date Posted: 12/29/2007 at 02:27 pm

To you this story may not seem scary, but I was there and I experienced the horrible night of the escape... It had all started when me and my friend Brittany were invited over to a slumber party at Samanthaís house. We were all upstairs watching a movie called "Pulse" about zombies from another world that connect with ours through anything electronic known to man. They were searching for the only thing they donít have...life.

We weren't allowed to eat upstairs so we grabbed some food and stashed it in a small entertainment stand next to the couch. Brittany was storing some popcorn when she accidentally dropped her cell phone in the entertainment stand. I locked the stand so that Samís parents wouldn't find the food. Right in the middle of the movie my phone rang. The call came from Brittany, I answered it and a creepy voice said "let me out"! Seeing as though Brittany was right next to me I told her "cut it out you know I have caller ID". But Brittany told me that her phone was locked in the entertainment stand. We glanced over at it and heard a loud banging inside. Then we stared in horror as we saw the lock unlock itself and the door slightly crack open.

This was unbelievable. Immediately Samantha said she needed to go to the bathroom really bad as that always calmed her down. About 15 minutes later she still hadn't come out, and we were starting to get worried. So I went over and knocked on the bathroom door. There was no reply, so I opened the door and found Samantha dead on the ground. There was blood splattered all over the ceiling, and Brittany's phone was open in the sink. By now I was really freaked out. Then I turned and saw that written in Sam's blood was... YOUR NEXT! I ran out of the bathroom to tell Brittany, and she was gone! I screamed for Brittany and ran downstairs looking for her. I immediately called the police and when they arrived they found Brittany and Samantha dead and a cell phone with a text message saying...YOUR NEXT! Repost this story or tonight two people will appear in your house, Sam, and Brittany seeking what they no longer have...LIFE!

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