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Forums : Ghosts Reply
Posts: 13
April 08, 2006
Reply ID: 103 | Date Posted: 03/20/2008 at 06:25 pm

People who have died there in the past.

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Posts: 6
September 24, 2008
Reply ID: 130 | Date Posted: 09/24/2008 at 02:58 am

you dont want to know...

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Posts: 7
September 10, 2009
Reply ID: 153 | Date Posted: 10/02/2009 at 07:53 am

Spirits are attached to a place if they died an untimely death, if they feel they have unfinished business, or if they don't quite realize that they are dead.

"Demons" are said to be atteacted to negative energy. However, I believe that if individuals didn't play with the supernatural or things they know nothing about they wouldn't have to worry about it. I'm not talking about you. I'm simply saying that most people play around with the supernatural for the hell of it and then don't realize the consequences it could have.

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