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Final Destination 3
Release Date: February 10th, 2006 (wide)
Length: 1 Hr. 32 Min.
Rated: R for strong horror violence/gore, language and some nudity
Distributor: New Line Cinema
Starring: Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Ryan Merriman, Kris Lemche, Alexz Johnson, Sam Easton

Directed by: James Wong
Produced by: Toby Emmerich, Richard Brener, Matt Moore (III)
Written by: Glen Morgan, James Wong

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Reviewed by Scott Jeffries
Reviewer Rating:


James Wong sure hit jackpot with Final Destination 1- a superb, edge of the seat flick at the end of which, you had no fingers left, forget the nails. It was something so bizarre - a dream that a guy had about his plane crashing - this was the start and what a beginning it was! He is convinced that the plane should not be taken by anyone, but no one pays heed to the hysterical kid - save a few. So imagine, to everyone’s shock, when the plane actually blows up. You’d think that was the end, but death had a plan, which was foiled by this meddler - so he and his friends got theirs; one by one in a series of freak accidents.

Then we saw Final Destination 2 - based on identical lines and the magic of the original had waned a bit.

Now, James Wong went ahead and created Final Destination 3- and we hope to god he chooses to stop, or changes the damn story!

In the same manner that the original began in, Wendy (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) has a dream, or better said a nightmare about how she and her friends were going to die a horrible death the next day on a roller coaster ride. She tries to get everyone to not go on it, but no one listens - a la the first part. Needless to say, the accident does happen and everyone dies.

For those who survived the mishap, they were tensed too as they were aware of the Final Destination story - how convenient. So they make a list of those who were going to die and also get the order. But they STILL die.

The movie is rather a repeat of a repeat of the original, save a new cast, which frankly speaking is not comparable to that of Final Destination. The worst part is that they know from the beginning what’s going to happen and they just have to find ways to avoid it.

The film is horribly violent and looks like death’s ingenuity at creating the ideal freak accident situations has become less creative. There is plenty of screaming, blood and disgusting sights to see - but the story, hmm… that’s a bummer.

But on the positive side, James Wong has done a good job from the technical point of view. The cinematographer has created an excellent opening in the picturisation of the roller coaster ride from hell. A few amazing and worthy special effects make up a little for the bad story.

So most things except the story and cast are quite bearable. But someone should really tell Wong that he needs to stop with the Final Destination series because it is losing its original magic. Truth be told, it has already lost most of it. He needs to take the hint and make this the final one.

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