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Movie Quotes

Alien Vs. Predator Quote(s)

Quote: My enemy of my enemy is my friend
Quote: They mustn't reach the surface, Lex! They mustn't reach the surface!
Quote: The enemy of my enemy... is my friend
Quote: How do you say scared shitless in Italian?

Quote: 1/_My dad broke his leg seven hundred feet from the summit of Mount Ranier. He was like you.... He wouldn't go back or let us stop.... We reached the top and he opened a bottle of champagne... Had my first drink with my dad at 14,400 feet. On the way down, he developed a blood clot in his leg that traveled to his lung. He suffered for four hours before dying twenty minutes from the base.
2/_You think that's the last thing your dad remembers? The pain? Or drinking champagne with his daughter fourteen thousand feet in the air?
Quote: Only the chosen ones may enter
Quote: [Tagline] Whoever wins__-__we lose
Quote: Alexa Woods: Shackleton called Antarctica the last great journey known to man. It's the one place left in the world that no one owns. It's completely free. Me-- I'm sorta partial to the penguins.
Quote: Alexa Woods: What about Paul Woodman or Andrew Keeler?
Charles Weyland: We called 'em.
Alexa Woods: And?
Max Stafford: They gave the same bullshit answer you did.
Alexa Woods: Bullshit?
Quote: Alexa Woods: Where exactly on the ice is this?
Charles Weyland: Bouvetoya Island. But it's not on the ice. It's 2,000 feet below it.
Quote: Helicopter Pilot: Just passed the P.S.R.
Graeme Miller: Damn. I wish I got a picture.
Alexa Woods: Of what?
Graeme Miller: Um-- the P.S.R. I wish he called it out before we passed it.
Alexa Woods: The P.S.R. is the 'point of safe return.' It means we've used up half our fuel, so we can't turn around.
Graeme Miller: Right. But if something went wrong, we could, uh...land, presumably.
Alexa Woods: We could ditch.
Graeme Miller: Yeah. Ditch.
Alexa Woods: But the temperature of the water would kill us in three minutes.
[she reaches the top of her climb]
Max Stafford: Yes, I told Mr. Weyland that.
[now off the phone]
Max Stafford: He said he didn't have a week.

Quote: Max Stafford: [over Lex's GSM phone] You misunderstand. Mr. Weyland-- he's offered to fund...the foundation with which you are associated for a full year if you'll meet with him.
Alexa Woods: Tomorrow's gonna be a problem. It'll take me a week to get back to the world.
[she reaches the top of her climb]
Max Stafford: Yes, I told Mr. Weyland that.
[now off the phone]
Max Stafford: He said he didn't have a week.

Quote: Lex - You are one ugly mother fucker *to the Predator*
Quote: Sebastian - It's all here, everything, it was all a trap and they're using us as bait
Lex - They're not hunting us, we're in the middle of a war
Quote: Mark - *sees an alien ahead and picks up his guns* Oh you want a piece of me??
Alien - *lifts its head into the light more*
Mark - You ugly...Son Of A...BITCH! *aliens come in from the left and right*
Quote: Lex - *walks in on Greame exploring on his own and surprises him* Nobody...goes alone..
Greame - Ssssh theres something in there...down there *he points the flash light as a penguin waddles out*
Lex - *slight laugh* careful...they bite.
Quote: Greame - Any idea what these are?
Sebastian - No, you?
Greame - No
Maxwell - Well it's a good thing we brought the experts
Greame - Yeah it is a good thing, because this is like finding Moses' DVD collection..
Quote: Adele - What did you say this room was? *looks to Thomas*
Thomas - Sacrifical Chamber...*face huggers fly and attach to all the team members*
Quote: Lex - It's time to pick a side...
Sebastian - We're on OUR side
Lex - Look...we have to consider that we may not get out of here...
Sebastian - ...The enemy of my enemy...is my friend... *watch beeps and pyramid transforms once more*
Lex - Lets go find our friend..
Quote: Lex - 7 ages of the ice and I've never seen a gun save anybody
Adele - I don't intend on using it
Lex - Then why carry one?
Adele - It's like a condom, I don't need it, but I'd rather not need one and have one then need one and not have one *rye smile* I'm glad you decided to come along.

The quotes above are distinct quotations from the associated movie.

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