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Movie Quotes

Brainscan Quote(s)

Quote: ...it's like hypnotic or some shit. No, some kid in Texas was watching it and he had an aneuryism and I think his eyes exploded.
Quote: ...only you can stop this! Her life or yours! Choose!
Quote: Take your own life. You thought of it many times before.
Quote: What're you doin' over there? I'm sick of you doin' twenty miles an hour in this town. Gimmee the keys.
Quote: Be honest, you don't feel the guilt. Why accept the punishment?
Quote: But, no country-western music please. Every man has his limits.
Quote: Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Trickster.
Quote: Late this afternoon the body of forty-two year old William Tess was discovered in the bedroom of his home.
Quote: ...and most importantly, enjoy the fear.
Quote: (1)What was that?
(2)Death, Death, Death.
(1)Death, Death, Death.
(2)Part two.
Quote: Igor, dial 1-800-555-fear
Quote: Run amok. Unleash the dark side of your soul
Quote: {correction to above. sorry for the mess up!:}It wasn't SUPPOSED to be REAL!
Quote: It was SUPPOSED to be REAL!
Quote: And then what happens? You watch a pornagraphic film, get an erection, and RAPE someone!
Quote: It's only a crime if you get caught
Quote: Have'nt you figured it out... I'm you.
Quote: Eeyore,dial 1-800-555-FEAR
Quote: You must think like a killer, cover up any clues, leave no witnesses, no evidence, and most importantly enjoy the fear.
Quote: Game Over, You Lose

The quotes above are distinct quotations from the associated movie.

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