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Movie Quotes

Pet Sematary II Quote(s)

Quote: Gus: OOOPS!
Quote: Hey Jeff, ever seen a cat run?
Quote: Admit it. You get off on seeing me suffer.
Quote: I thought we were gonna tone down on your flabby ass.
Quote: You gonna run home to daddy, now?
Quote: (character one kills the dog and walks up behind gus in the kitchen)
Man: Whatcha doin Gus?
(gus looks down at the corpse of his dog) well I WAS building a Doggy door.
Quote: Drew, I know your dog died. But get a grip, man, you're freaking me out!
Quote: No brain, no pain... Think about it.
Quote: Dammit, Gus, you dug up my wife.

The quotes above are distinct quotations from the associated movie.

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