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Movie Quotes

The Cell Quote(s)

Quote: Find out the history of that machine. Who bought it, used it, sold it. And check Stargher's pay stubs. I want to know every contractor he worked for. I'm calling you from the chopper in ten minutes.
Quote: My child is an abomination. He is damned. He has no soul.
Quote: Remember, Julia Hickson is priority number one. Nothing else matters. Find out where she is.
Quote: 1)He might tell me about Julia. The part of him that wants to help, that feels shame and remorse. Who wants to be redeemed. 2)This is Stargher we're talking about? 1)Not Stargher, not really. He's split
himself right down the middle. Good/evil, right/wrong, merciful/cruel. A monster. And an innocent child. If I could reach the boy. 2)Whoa. Hold on. Aren't they the same guy? 1)Don't you feel there are different sides to every personality? Maybe even the
worst of us is capable of one decent act. We're all human. 2)It's hard for me to see Stargher as human, capable of something like 'remorse.'
Quote: 1)You thought Stargher wanted to be caught. 2)I did, yeah. 1)You were right. There's a part of him that knows the truth. About what he
did, about himself.
Quote: A kingdom. His utopia. Life without consequence or restriction. He's not even Carl Stargher anymore. He's this... idealized version of himself who can do anything he pleases... Without fear. A horrible primitive ugly thing.
Quote: 1)Do you feel there's a side of yourself you don't show people? 2)Absolutely. I suppose everyone does. 1)Just like we all have fantasies, right? Things only we know, that we don't share. 2)That's what therapists are for, right?
Quote: 1)I read about a woman in Texas who was in a coma for seven years. Every time her husband came to visit, her heart would beat faster. Isn't that something? I don't know what name scientists have for something like that. 2)It doesn't have much to do with science. 1)What then? 2)The soul. The spirit. Whatever you want to call it. 1) Ah, the part of us that can't be explained.
Quote: If she came to believe that Stargher's world is her world, her mind has the power to convince the body that anything done to it is, actually done. Novak doesn't like the sound of that. That's why we monitor the use of the drugs so closely. We don't want her getting to that degree of perceptual disorientation.
Quote: Catherine has a tremendous capacity for empathy. When we started, there were a number of test subjects - other therapists - who acted as 'receivers.' All they did was observe and report. Nothing more. But Catherine, she had the ability to feel what was happening. She understood. And the patient responded. Edward engaged her in dialogue, took her places, showed her things. He knew she cared.
Quote: Although none of what she experiences is real, she can be tricked into thinking it is. The mind is awfully gullible, so she needs to monitor herself.
Quote: There's a touch-sensitive microchip implanted in her hand. If she becomes frightened, disoriented, or simply wants to end the session, she signals us to abort.
Quote: Gentlemen, you stand before the one and only Neurological Cartography and Synaptic Transfer System. It provides a highly detailed map of the
human mind. Not the brain - any MRI can do that. The mind. It reads and processes electronically allowing information to be transferred and interrupted. Let's say your thoughts could be stored on DVD. If someone had the right kind of player, they could watch and listen to what you're thinking.
Quote: 1)Why jeopardize what we've already done? We caught the sonofabitch. Carl Stargher. That's going to be like Bundy, Gacy, Dahmer. A case that makes careers. But if we push our luck. If this is all bullshit and we come out smelling like it. 2)Tell you what. If this thing burns us, I take that heat. I give you permission to point your finger at me and say 'It was all his idea.' 1)That's not what I'm talking about, Pete. I'm talking about waking up and realizing this girl's gonna die. 2)That won't happen.
Quote: 1)Someone like Stargher can't distinguish between fantasy and reality. It's all the same. He might tell me she's in Timbuktu and absolutely, one hundred percent believe it to be true, but she's... 2)Julia. Not 'she.' Julia. Not thing, or it, or her. Do you know anything about her? Do you know what we've been through? Julia is everything to me. Can you say that about anyone?
Quote: Let's assume he wanted you to find him, that some part of him hated what he was doing... Most likely, that part is dead. Schizophrenics with Whalen's Infraction sever all ties with the real world.
Quote: Sometimes... Once they've been caught they feel a need for disclosure. They have so much they want to tell. But they've never had a sympathetic ear. They need someone to understand why. Stargher used to hide the bodies very carefully. It was part of the ritual.
Some weren't found for weeks and any physical evidence had been meticulously wiped clean. But these last three... They were still in water - always in water - but listen, he wasn't just careless. It
went beyond that.
Quote: I don't work with violent cases, I work with children. But even a kid lies. They love it when they get you to believe something that isn't true. Don't you think Stargher would do the same?
Quote: 1)Stargher is in custody. The functional equivalent of being under arrest. Normally, we'd Mirandize him, and if he didn't lawyer up, we'd interrogate him. But because of his condition, he doesn't have the capacity to waive those rights. 2)So what you're asking us to do is illegal? 1)No, not at all. We're dealing with exigent circumstances. Somewhere there's a kidnapped woman still alive. If we weigh the suspect's Constitutional Rights against the public Safety. The Law favors the victim and gives us a lot of leeway. It's called the Public Safety Exception. 3)So what can you do? 1)Pretty much anything we want. There's a chance to save a human life. Because of that, Stargher has no reasonable expectation of privacy.
Quote: Each tape is the same. He provides food, drinking water, a toilet. Periodically, a shower starts. It's on some kind of timer - he's clever with machines, building things. I think he wants them to believe this is a simple kidnapping. That there's a possibility of rescue. Of survival. But it's just a form of torture. At the end of the fortieth hour, the drain shuts. The water starts and doesn't stop. We've already lost more than a day. If she isn't found tonight. She dies like the rest.
Quote: 1)We'll go back to his house, Pete. There's still a lot to do. Analyze the videos, track sales of the bleach, go through his records. Maybe he owns property somewhere. 2)They're in that fucking thing for forty hours, Gordon. Four-oh. He got Julia at seven-thirty last night. You know what time it is now...?!
Quote: The normal psychotropics don't work. He's not just catatonic, he's...disappeared. Like having a dream and never waking up.
Quote: You ever hear of Whalen's Infraction? In any schizophrenic, these areas would be affected. But in someone with Whalen's, they're hit hard and hit fast. Stargher's neurological system was infected by a virus in utero. It lay dormant. In his case for about...thirty years. Most likely, he's exhibited symptoms for awhile now, but the infraction - the breach - didn't occur 'til today. You never know when it'll happen, at what age, or why. The triggers vary, but the results don't. He has no ties to reality. No awareness of this world or the people in it.
Quote: 1)Minimal activity in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex. And here, the anterior cingulate cortex. It's what helps distinguish between external and internal stimuli. 2)What the hell does that mean? 3)He's schizophrenic. 2)What're you doing here, Reid? Paving the way for his insanity defense? 1)No need. There won't be a trial. This is no act. The coma is real.
Quote: Make sure he stays cuffed. Two men on him at all times. I don't want anyone treating him but Reid. Not so much as a thermometer up his ass. Understand?
Quote: Edison. Just east of Loma Park. SWAT's had the house under surveillance for about twenty minutes. Suspect is Carl Rudolph Stargher. No registered weapons, no priors. Got a license for his dog, though. Named him Valentine...
Quote: 1)Smart, gentle, attractive young women. Just starting out in life. Embarking on careers, going to school, getting married they were killed. Kidnapped, tortured, and murdered. By a white male. About 30-years old. Who owns an albino dog. 2)A purebred German Shepherd. Breeders typically destroy albino pups, so this animal is truly unique.
Quote: Gentlemen, I believe an albino dog is rare indeed.
Quote: Water in her lungs. Same brand of bleach. Match on the semen. Lots of hair.
Quote: Damn, man, I give up. Your partner tells you his wife's gonna have a baby, and all you care about is a coroner's report!
Quote: 1)Anne Marie Vicksey. 2)She the one from Santa Cruz? 1)Just graduated law school. Single mom. Had a two-year-old daughter.
Quote: 1)Henry wants me to try this Vietnamese place he's wild about. Want to come? 2)I've got to feed my cat. Besides, I want to get to bed early. 1)That's my girl.
Quote: 1)If we reverse the feed and bring Edward into your mind, it could be devastating for him. Imagine the shock of suddenly existing in a whole other world. 2)I do it all the time! 1)Yes, but, you're a willing participant. Picture Edward in a strange place, lost, frightened... 2)I'd be there for him. 1)And he might blame you for terrifying him. That one moment could erase all you've acomplished. And if that happened, the trust he has in you is gone.
Quote: Why is it taking so long for us to reach him? Because we've been reactive, that's why. And we need to be active.
Quote: Nursery rhymes, fairy tales, the bogeyman... All preparation for the horrors of the real world.
Quote: Mocky-Lock is a pain in the ass.
Quote: 1)Good. We need you healthy and relaxed. You're going to eat well, meditate,exercise, and watch mindless television. 2)Yes mother. 1)I don't want you up all night reading Edward's case file for the nine millionth time. Balance, dear girl, is the key. Leave the work here.
Quote: 1)It could take years for me to get past the barriers he's created. 2)If we reverse the feed and bring Edward into your mind, it could be devastating for him. Imagine the shock of suddenly existing in a whole other world.
Quote: Mockilock is the boogieman, Mockilock wants me where I am.
Quote: Do you believe there is a part of yourself, deep inside in your mind, with things you don't want other people to see? During a session when I'm inside, I get to see those things.

Quote: And what world do you live in?

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