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Movie Quotes

Willard Quote(s)

Quote: What could I do? What could I do? What could I do? What could I do? What could I do? What...CAN I do? Ben...What can WE do?
Quote: Tear it......tear it up!!!!!
Quote: this movie messed me up. I was 10 when I saw it and it messed me up. I wonder if the release of the new version of Willard in 2003 will messup a whole new crop of insects.
Quote: I have a number of things to tell you. First, you stole this business from my father, second, it killed my mother, and now, you're trying to ruin me. You made me hate myself. Well, I like myself now.
Quote: Mr. Martin: My God, look at the rats!
Willard: Yes, look at the rats.
Quote: I saw a screening (March 11, 2003).
This is the worse movie I've ever seen.
Quote: sigh, nothing goes right.

The quotes above are distinct quotations from the associated movie.

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