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Friday the 13th Review(s)

Reviewer: brandon
Reviewer Rating:

this movie is frigun awsome and a great beggining for a kick ass series.

Reviewer: brandon
Reviewer Rating:

great film awsome plot and story and a great start to a kick ass series

Reviewer: Nolan
Reviewer Rating:

Friday the 13th series- 10 movies (including FvJ)

Various Directors

Famous for the killer, Jason Voorhees (hockey mask)


In part 1, we are introduced the world of Friday the 13th. Jason was drowned at camp Crystal Lake, and he wasn't saved because the counselers were not paying attention. Years later, and attempt to reopen th ecamp fails when all the counselers are killed, by Mrs. Voorhees. In the next movie, we meet Jaons, who wears a burlap sack, and killssom counselers at a training camp. In part 3, he gets his hockey mask while killing counselers. From there, the sequels continue, with basically the same plot, just some different characters, like Jason enemies Toomy Jarvis and Tina. Only the last few stray from this story, where Jason is killed and posses people, Jason finds his way to Manhatten to kill, and he is transported to the future.


This series is one of the most famous set of horror movies that there is, due mostly to the trademark Jason. Although many don't like it because it is the 'same old same old', this really helped revolutionize horror and jumpstarted the horror outbrreak in the 80's. This movie didn't show me anything new, basically the same idea as all other horror movies, so it didn't really scare me, but this was new to audiences when it was released, so sinnce they were not used to it, and had not seen 100 others just like it, it probably scared them. These films are not copies, or spinoffs and bad movies, I think since we are so used to it now, that is how they are viewed. Besides Halloween, these movies were one of the first movies of the kind, and really defined horror as we know it today. Besides Jason Takes Mannhatten, Jason Goes to Hell, Jason X, and Freddy Vs. Jason (which many don't consider part of the series), these are great movies.

8 stars out of 10

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