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Guest Reviews

The Ring Review(s)

Reviewer: David Ogden
Reviewer Rating:

This is the scariest movie I've ever seen.

Reviewer: Jemma Manchip
Reviewer Rating:

I watch the ring on my own I found it super scary but very good to watch its not your normal horror movie you useally see but I recomend it its great

Reviewer: Candace
Reviewer Rating:

By FARRR the creepiest movie i've ever seen. I loved it!!! I was litterally sitting on the person next to me's lap and i don't think there wasn't one part where i wasn't scared!!! Awesome plot!!!

Reviewer: Heather
Reviewer Rating:

I had to buy this movie on dvd after I had seen it and was scared out of my wits, just so I could see it again and get rid of my nightmares. One specific scene I had to slow down and force myself to watch because I was so scared and I needed to confront my fears...creepy japanese people...

Reviewer: Christina
Reviewer Rating:

It was really scary!!!!! But some of it was kinda gross. lol

Reviewer: Lindsay
Reviewer Rating:

Great movie, and it was very, very scary. To the reviewer, Christina, I dont think it was gross, just extreamly scary. Anyways, if u have not seen it yet, run over to your nearest blockbuster and rent it! Yes, I mean it, but I guess you can drive, not run. Unless you want to then that's ok......ok, i'm gonna stop now. Anyways, it's very good, the creepyest movie ever!

Reviewer: Dillon
Reviewer Rating:

WoW i saw the ring and it was a very good scary ghost film, its not ur tippucal horror film, but its like a puzzle, i highly reccomend you see it

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