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Posted by LuckyyScaree
Date Posted: 07/06/2014

When I was younger, my grandmother use to tell my brother and me stories of when she was a little girl. They were never that scary. She stopped after a while because she saw we were not interested. Then one day she told us a story that changed it all.

She told us a story of a woman named Rose who practiced black magic and was thought to be a witch. People spread rumors that she could change forms but no one knew it to be certain.

Soon after, a new rumor spread around town that Rose had killed and cursed her husband's soul to be trapped in her home for Eternity. She had discovered he planned to abandon her and run off with another woman. The towns people grew scared when children went missing only to be discovered dead, pale faced and terrified.

Shortly afterwards the people went to the woman's house and tried to scare her
away. When that didn't work, they burned the house to ashes, with her trapped inside. They thought this would be the end of the terror and the children's souls trapped inside could now rest in peace.

Then one day, one of the townsmen named John came running down the road terrified and wounded. He fell to his knees crying that the witch Rose was still alive and that she tried to take his soul and trap him inside. They crowded around him as he spoke, "I was out hunting for deer in the woods. I shot and missed a deer. I chased it through the woods and he got away. As I was about to head back I heard a cry and saw a little girl. Being a father myself, I tried to help her. I asked her what was wrong and she sniffled and looked up at me and said her parents were dragged inside. She asked me to help her. I said okay. I told her to go to town and wait for me. To return, I gave her the address to my house. She hugged me and left still crying of course and I ventured inside.

It smelled of rotten flesh. There was no furniture inside. Dust and spider webs covered the living room. I smelled smoke coming from the kitchen so I went inside. There was blood all over the walls and floor and a burned up corpse inside the oven. I felt sick to my stomach as there was a plate on the table, filled with fingers and toes. I prayed this wasn't the girl's mother or father. I went upstairs and the stairs were old and dilapidated. They creaked with every step I took. Then I heard a man scream. Terrified, I froze in place. Then I heard the front door open and close. A voice spoke, "Those who come in don't go out." I ran towards the end of the hall into the room where I heard the man yell.

The room was dark. I switched the light on and was confronted with fear. I was frozen in place, too terrified to move or say a word. Standing inches away from me was the little girl now drenched in blood. She no longer had eyes. She started murmuring in a whisper. I grabbed for the closest object to me, a small knife. She ran at me and scratched my face with her long sharp nails. I stabbed her in the neck but she was to fast and too strong. She threw me across the room. Then she picked me up and threw me again. I went crashing through the window and landed outside. I thought I'd die now for sure but nothing ever came. I was bleeding and I knew I had broken my arm. There were sharp glass pieces stuck to my arm.

I looked up and saw her standing by the window. She was a grown woman now. I knew this to be Rose for sure. She was murmuring again, louder and faster. Her house began to shake. Terrified, I ran as fast as I could, back to town. She didn't chase me it's as she's scared of the light.

He asked for his wife when he noticed she was not among the crowd. A man stepped out of the crowd and said, "John, your wife and daughter were discovered last night mutilated and ripped apart. I'm so sorry, we thought you already knew." Two days later, John died in his sleep and soon the towns people also began to go missing only to be discovered dead. With that, my grandmother ended her story and left. She kissed us goodnight and wished us good luck.

My brother died two days later. My mother cried when I told her grandma and me were the last people who got to see him happy and safe. This terrified her as she looked at me and said, "That's impossible sweetheart, your grandmother has been dead for six years now baby. You never even met her." I
was confused and scared. I told her grandma came two days ago and spent the night with us. She's been telling us stories since we were young. That night she told us a story of a witch and a man. Terrified she looked me in the eyes and told me that story is cursed and that after a person would hear the tale of the man, they would die. For the woman's murmur was a curse put on the man and anyone who knew what happened to him that night would die. Terrified I cried, "How do you know? Your grandfather told me it was cursed but he didn't tell me the story, to protect me."

Then I realized my brother died two days after he heard the story and I knew my fate was soon to come for it's been two days now since his death. I looked up at my mother shaking scared. She was pale and then I heard the front door open and close.

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