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Best Selling Horror Books

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All Hell's A-Coming
Now in its eighth collection, the popularity of PREACHER continues to grow at a tremendous pace. This hard-hitting yet darkly humorous new entry in the series finds Jesse Custer on the trail of his gun-toting girlfriend, Tulip, who believes that he's dead. And when Jesse finally catches up with Tulip, she tells him the truth about his supposed friend, Cassidy, leading up to a brutal confrontation between Custer and Cassidy.

Angel Fire
A corporate raider gets hooked on a potent popper and ends up on a rollercoaster where even we are no longer sure what is real in his life. His wife dead -murdered?- he wonders if he's not next and something very frightening is haunting him and his friend in a secluded hideaway. Arresting art and a gripping thriller. Formerly from Shattered Frames, now exclusively from NBM.

B.P.R.D. Hollow Earth & Other Stories: Bureau


B.P.R.D.: Plague of Frogs
Hellboy creator Mike Mignola finally reveals Abe Sapien's bizarre history. Introduced in the first Hellboy book and featured prominently in the film, Abe Sapien has remained one of the most intriguing mysteries of Mignola's celebrated work. The recent Hellboy film steered clear of any origin story for Abe so that the tale could be told in Plague of Frogs. The story of Abe's origins unfolds as the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense try to stop the monstrous frog men from the first Hellboy graphic novel, Seed of Destruction. The plague begins its spread across America, lending an apocalyptic new direction to Mignola's stories.
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