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National Paranormal Society      Site Rank 0
National Paranormal Society was established for the sole purpose of research and discovery. Our logo symbolizes our journey in exploring every possibility on our quest to unlock the truth...
18 vote(s)
Added: May 29th, 2006  |  Hits In: 784 Hits Out: 1236  |  Report  |  Share  |  Rate  |  Save

Maine Supernatural      Site Rank 47
Supernatural and Paranormal Investigations in the Maine Area. EVP, Witchcraft, Hauntings, Ghost, Urban Legends and Myths are researched and investigated.
13 vote(s)
Added: January 6th, 2006  |  Hits In: 76 Hits Out: 1205  |  Report  |  Share  |  Rate  |  Save

tim boucher, occult investigator      Site Rank 245
i'm a real life occult investigator, tracking down ghosts and monsters, and looking into magick and mythology and all kinds of crazy stuff
0 vote(s)
Added: August 2nd, 2004  |  Hits In: 41 Hits Out: 795  |  Report  |  Share  |  Rate  |  Save

APPEARR      Site Rank 0
The members of APPEARR pride ourselves on stepping away from the usual goal of paranormal investigators. Typically, the intent is to prove paranormal activity at any cost, despite other rational possibilities or the well being of a client. However AP...
0 vote(s)
Added: November 19th, 2006  |  Hits In: 41 Hits Out: 769  |  Report  |  Share  |  Rate  |  Save

Michigan Paranormal Alliance      Site Rank 0
Paranormal Research and Investigative group based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
0 vote(s)
Added: October 10th, 2008  |  Hits In: 41 Hits Out: 1083  |  Report  |  Share  |  Rate  |  Save

Fire and ICE Paranormal Investigators of Florida      Site Rank 0
Fire and ICE Paranormal Investigators of Florida are Haunting Resolutionists. We determine what the issues are, and then make every effort to resolve them. We do this by bridging the gap between spirituality and science; merging mediumship and techno...
1 vote(s)
Added: April 24th, 2011  |  Hits In: 41 Hits Out: 804  |  Report  |  Share  |  Rate  |  Save

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