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World of Ghosts - Ghosts and Paranormal Forum

ghosthub.com new ghost photo gallery

ghost pictures from GRS collection

famous ghost photos

Ghost Study photo gallery

The Best Ghost Photos Ever Taken from about.com

find more ghost picture sites in our link directory

Scary Places

Asylum Pictures
Great photo gallery of abandon asylums

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Warning! Please do not view any links below if you have a weak heart or do not like to be scared. Turn up your speaker volume.

Haunted Room
Can you see any ghosts?

What's Wrong?
Look at the picture and figure out what's wrong with it.

UFOs and Aliens

UFOs, Mars Face, Implant, Alien Capture

Scary Alien Baby


Amityville Hoax, 3 Men & A Baby Ghost & much more at castleofspirits.com


dark surrealism photographs

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