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Bananna Tree Ghost
Posted by Michellerules
Date Posted: 05/20/2010

When I was a child, my father used to tell me stories about this ghost in Cambodia. It was called The Banana Tree ghost.

It was told that she was a beautiful woman who was in love with this man. They were a married couple, but the man started cheating on her with an other girl. She was also pregnant with his baby. A few months later he left her. She soon had her baby, but while giving birth, she died. She also used a banana tree as a home. They say she now haunts the village she lived in. I NEVER believed the story.... until now..

I recently went on a trip to Cambodia to do research about The Banana Tree ghost. I went to visit the village where the events happened. I talked to an elder there and he told me everything that has happened to him. He said that he was (and still is) haunted by her AND she will follow everyone that visits the village. I laughed and didn't believe him.

But when I got home I felt a breeze in my house. I have a banana tree in my yard near my bedroom window and I started thinking about what the elder had said, I was freaked out. On another night I was in bed, reading a book and the banana tree started shaking uncontrollably. I heard cries of a woman and her baby, but I ignored it and went to bed.

All these things have happened to me recently. Did the ghost really follow me from Cambodia? Or is this just me hallucinating?

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