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From the Unseen2
Posted by Lamby
Date Posted: 08/12/2017

The damp, heavy breeze clung to my overcoat as I walked among the cobbled streets of Morstrun. A little fishing outlet all but forgotten by it's neighboring vistas, and towns. I even dare say the sun itself has forgotten this dank vestige of seaside living.

I have come here as a sanctuary of sorts to run, and by no stretch of hope evade what lurks ever so unseen within the larger bodies of our human collection. Much akin to the cobwebs you leave ever so present but inches from your sight. But more akin to these webs is the collection of filth these creatures purvey if I am to explain, you must sit, and digest without your utmost materialistic prejudice.

For the story I am about to embark upon is not of this world, I fear that only the stretches of one's imagining may hope to understand. I once didn't comprehend their presence.

It was a hot night, though rather clear. I was stumbling through a market district, not far from where I lived. I stopped to talk with William Morheim. He owned the fish stall, and I had known him for a long time. He was never one for outside influences, very much a transparent man with little to his name. With dawn now turning to night, and night racing forth. I decided to start
home, making my way from the market. As I progressed the most putrid smell began to assault my senses, which is most odd considering I was moving away from the market. The smell only began to grow in strength, it became a thick cloud enveloping my being, and imagination.

Unwilling to loosen its newfound grip. I became worried, and frantic. What could this smell be? I hadn't seen anything lying around. Then there it was, as if willed into being. Only to allow oneself to make sense of the assault on his senses, it never strayed from the edges of darkness. It seemed to play with reality, the street lamps licked its gaunt, hunched figure. It emitted the most pungent smell of rot, and fungi. The eyes were of a milky white, and it croaked a sad sound, much like that of a weak support. He, as I can only assume it was a male for his figure was large in posture, was just a growth. Clinging to his dank existence. His presence seemed to corrupt, and infest the spance in which his pale opaque skin stretched. He then crept, unflinching into the alley.

I feeling ill, ran quickly to my home. I bolted the door, and drank until I fell without grace into the beckoning arms of rest. That night I dreamed of a subterranean holding, one so vast it would cover the stars, and engulf the sun. The smell held thick the presence
of something inhuman of origin. Water so thick it dripped from the walls jutting forth from this unknown dwelling. Large bulbous sacs clung to the shore of my little island oasis. I, wrought with
delirium, struggled forward.

Called forth by some unknown force. I reached the water's edge. Greeted by only the aggressive pulsating of the alien sacs. And the smell, the one from which that creature so easily came. What I saw was a horror only describable by one's deepest fears. Leagues under the thick, goo like water was a mass so grand in size I glimpsed only but a portion. It seemed not of biblical, or mythical origin. But of something predating man, something born of vast
unknown. All around this horror swam the being I had seen before, only there were hundreds lapping at the masses jelly like flesh. This sight tears at my sanity. What little strings of reality are strained, the weight being only the feeling of dread permeating from deep within the depths. If I did not fear the return of such a lost reality, I would surely have succumb to the idea of ending my feeble reality. For once my being returned to the home of human architecture. I could not escape the
vision, and whispers that had traveled upon my mind, back into an existence in which they did not belong. Like an unwelcome guest his will traversed my mind, feeling, and eating all my joy.

Itís unspeakable force slamming into my reality, as if to break it like glass against the floor of oneís floor. And so I fled, far from any large source of population. I find myself here, along this rocky shore. Plagued, and strained by the maddening whispers of that grand subterranean beast. He works to claim the mind, but so too the reality. He is a malady infecting which we can not see, and much like your cobwebs, he clings just out of sight. Waiting ever so patiently.

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