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It started at the Morgue part 2.
Posted by Midnightash
Date Posted: 08/30/2015

We ran..fast and hard, the groans of the now living dead filled the coming night. "How?.. why? what was going on?", I thought keeping pace with
Sarah making sure she didn't fall behind.


We both stopped instantly and looked to our left. A woman was trying to get out of the passenger side door while two of those things crawled in from the driver side window, the front of the car had smashed into the back of a SUV and smoke was seeping out from the bent hood.

"We have to help her!", Sarah pleaded looking at me in horror. "I..how?", The lady screamed something horrid, her vocals shrieked loud enough to pierce our ears while she was still in the car fifteen feet away. Sarah put her hand over her mouth and I just stood there, the attackers were on top of the woman tearing at her clothes, ripping into her flash with their hands. She kicked for her life but they overpowered her. One bit into her breast area while the other began to gnaw on her cheek, tearing away the flesh.

We both puked at the same time. Sarah began to cry and I moved her along
quickly. She sobbed in fear and disgust, I tried to stay composed but my fear was visible. Her house was only a couple blocks away, I could see it in the distance; but while she cried I got a closer look at our surroundings. The park across the street from the hospital was filled with bodies slowly starting to rise, men women and children. A dog laid next to a bench half eaten and slowly twitching, its ribs exposed and its organs half eaten and strewn about beside it.

Across the street from the park, a man was kneeling down next to a little girl. Her clothes were soaked in blood. As we got closer I could tell she had a bite mark on her neck, a chunk was torn out and a bullet hole was in her forehead. The man cried out before putting the gun in his mouth and he pulled the trigger. The shot was loud enough that Sarah awoke from her fit, and the dead across the way slowly turned and made their way to the sound.

"Oh crap!", I muttered lightly and pulled Sarah to the side behind a firetruck. "Wha..what?" "Shh", I motioned my finger to my lip and pointed to the hoard walking to the man and his daughter. She started to sob again. Looking at her I placed my hands on her cheeks lightly smiling. "I promise we will be okay, your home is very close". She nodded lightly, wanting to believe. I held her hand tightly and looked around the truck and saw them focusing on the two bodies and we quickly made a run for it.

In mid run we heard a car come our way from our right. We looked and a man was fighting off one of them who was strapped into the passenger seat. Our
eyes widened and I moved us away. He was fifteen feet before he tried to turn and stop, the front tires hit a pot hole and the car flipped. We gasped in shock, the car rolling six times before landing on its side. A pool of blood started to form out from the broken window, then we heard the sounds of flesh tearing.

"Come on..we gotta go". She nodded and we ran, the house was right there.
Twenty yards away, we made our way some kind of hope was forming until. AAAHH! One of the dead came out from nowhere and grabbed Sarah. Our grip was nothing and he threw her to the ground and proceeded to get on top. His stench was foul, a mixture of feces, blood and decay.

"Get the heck off of me!", she screamed as he made his way toward her throat. I snapped out of my trance and grabbed him by the back of the shirt and pulled him away, throwing him down. He looked at me with his white dead eyes. His teeth were black and broken, covered in flesh and blood. Disgusted and full of anger, I stomped my food down on his face over and over, more and more I made a dent. His face was becoming
disfigured, flesh bones and teeth jutting from several places of his now caved in head. A thin line split up his skull revealing parts of his brain. I saw a heavy rock; picking it up and aimed high and threw it down as hard as I could splitting it deeper, the sound of bone and flesh tearing filled our ears as his brain became nothing.

Sarah looked at me shaking, scared from what just happened and my outburst. I looked at her and picked her up quickly and ran to the house not even giving a second to see if she was okay. I couldn't take the chance of there being another attack.

A sign of relief filled us as we reached her yard and she hopped down quickly and ran for the door and tried to turn the knob. "It's locked!"

"Huh! what?!" Both of us stood there and looked around for a key. Then we head the dead bolt unlock and someone fiddle with the handle and slowly open it. Sarah's mother was peeking out to see who it was and quickly gasped when she saw us and flung the door open and told us to get in quickly. I shut the door behind us, locking it. My heart was pounding, a hard knot in my throat made me feel like I was ready to puke but a instant feeling of safety washed over us. But are we really safe?

(Part 3 coming soon)

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