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It started at the morgue.
Posted by Midnightash
Date Posted: 08/10/2015

I've always had this fascination for hospitals and everything that has to do with the dark side of medicine. I've wanted to work in a hospital for several years but I knew that wasn't my true calling, I prefer the arts.

One day I went to the hospital here in town to visit a friend who had broken her leg due to a rock climbing accident. I stopped by the local store and bought her some flowers of different types. After entering the hospital I made my way down the hall and to her room. She was awake, laying there watching the TV and I didn't pay attention to what was on it.

Upon entering she smiled widely with more enthusiasm of my visit than of whatever was playing on the TV. She turned it off and welcomed me. I said hello back, smiling at her and presented the flowers. Her face lit up bright red and she awed. She took them from me and smelled them closing her eyes and whispered thank you. I was there for quite some time. We talked about each others day, and what plans I had for her once her leg finally healed. Soon after, the nurse came in and gave her some morphine for the pain in her leg. It didn't take too long for her to fall asleep. I said my good bye's and walked out.

Halfway down the hall, I overheard two doctors say something about a couple of dead bodies that were convulsing. I thought that's just not possible, those bodies were dead and most likely put into a freezer before examination. Out of curiosity, I decided to venture down the stairs and into the morgue.

A couple of people saw me but didn't ask any questions. When they weren't
looking I made my way into the morgue itself. It was sectioned off into two different parts. But not matter which way you look, gurneys were placed about with bodies on top that were covered with white sheets. I saw one doctor examine one of the bodies but didn't really get a close look.

To my left, I heard a slight shifting sound. I looked and noticed one of the bodies slowly twitching, my eyes opened widely and I slowly backed up. I had to remind myself sometimes these things happen. The doctor that was examining the body went to a table to clean off the surgical tool he was using. I turned away for two seconds before I heard a loud scream. The doctor fell to his knees clutching his neck, blood was pouring from the wound. He fell on his side and twitched violently, gasping for breath before coming to a stop. Then I saw the attacker, the corpse that was on the table was standing over the dead doctor, slowly chewing the flesh it had ripped off. It's stomach was slit wide open and it slowly turned and faced me.

I couldn't believe the horror in front of me. I quickly turned around and ran for the exit. I ran past two nurses, and heard their shoes squeaking on the floor indicating they turned around to look at me, I didn't bother to look back until I heard one of them scream. The corpse had one pinned to the wall and began to eat at her left cheek. Before I could look straight ahead, my foot tripped on something and I fell into a wall and knocked a shelf over, having it land on top of me and knocking me out.

I woke up to what must have been an hour or so later, I slowly tried to stand up using what strength I could to move the shelf away. Upon standing up I was confronted with horror I wish I'd have never seen. The two nurses were dead, flesh ripped from their faces, necks and torsos. Blood was smeared on the walls and floor, lights were flickering making it hard to see.

Several doors were closed with objects blocking them. I heard a muffled scream coming from a far off direction. Then I remembered Sarah, "Oh god, I have to find her!" I hurried back to her room as quickly and quietly as I could. More bodies were laying about, a middle aged man was on the floor with his back against the wall. Blood surrounded his body from where his stomach had been torn into, deep scratch marks were left on his face. I noticed he slowly jerked but I didn't stay for long to see him get up.

Hurrying to Sarah's room, I found her door to be closed. "Please be okay, please be okay" I muttered with fear. I slowly opened the door and made my way inside, closing the door behind me. I heard a faint sound, "H..Hello?"

I turned the corner and there she was scared out of her mind with a plastic fork in her hand. She gasped in surprise and relief. I quickly made my way to her and held her close. "I'm so glad you're okay". She was shaking slightly in my arms, I could hear her sobs and starting to say, "O-one of the nurses said some people were attacking the staff and she told me to stay put until she got back, and she closed the door behind her. But..she hasn't came back yet, what happened?"

I looked at her not really knowing what to say, I gently stroked her hair and told her "I-I think the dead are coming back to life". She looked at me confused. "H-How?", she stuttered. "I don't know but I overheard a couple of doctors talk about something but I can't remember what, I have to get you out of here and to home safely.

The biggest relief was that she only lived two blocks away. The hard part, was that I had no idea what it would be like outside the hospital. Looking into her eyes I calmly said, "I'm going to look out the door for just a second okay? Just to make sure everything is fine". Her eyes shot wide open but I reassured her it would only take a second.

I made my way to the door and slowly opened it, peeking my head out and looking both ways down the hallway. I only saw darkness with hints of light and carnage wherever the light shown. Coming back in, I took a look at her
thinking of my options. Her leg is broken and that may slow me down, but I need to get her home safely. "Okay I'm going to have to pick you up and carry you out of here". She nodded slowly, shaking a little. I slowly took her leg off the support wrap that was holding up her leg, I slid my left arm under her legs and my right one under her back.

She held on to me with both of her arms and we made our way out of the room. Looking down at her, I said, "Whatever you do, keep your eyes closed okay?" She nodded slowly but very unsure as to why. I turned left and slowly walked down the hall closely paying attention to my surroundings. "What is that smell?", she whispered burying her face into my neck.

"Nothing you need to worry about, just keep your eyes closed". I heard the wet sound of her gulping and her body temperature rising with fear. A distance away I saw a figure move but I couldn't make out who or what it was, but we were far enough to not been seen by whatever it was. My foot came down on something wet and I nearly slipped.

Sarah let out a slight yelp and her head bolted up. I didn't realize it until I heard her gasp. Her eyes were open staring off into her surroundings, I followed her gaze to a elderly women kneeling down in front of what seemed to be a child in a torn gown covered in blood. The elder women was digging with her hands into the young child's body, pulling out bits and pieces of flesh and sticking it in her mouth. The little girl would have been no more than eight to ten years old, blonde hair down to her shoulders.

Sarah started to quake in my arms and nearly let out a scream until I pressed her head to my neck and walked by slowly keeping my eye on the old women.
Turning a corner I saw the exit, "Look" whispering, "We're almost out of here". She nodded and I hurried up, thinking in my head, "We're almost free, we're almost f-".

I was caught off guard and almost ran straight into one of the corpses that had stumbled out of a room. I slipped on some blood on the floor and fell down. Sarah hit the floor with a loud thump and screamed, not from pain but the attacker in front of us. His left eye was gone, nothing remained but a black hollow hole, his right cheek was torn off leaving a hole stretching downward to the center of his neck.

Teeth and gums were visible along with veins and bloody chunks of muscle in his neck. A bite mark on his left forearm was most likely the cause of his death. He stumbled closely and she screamed again. My mind woke up from the trance it was in and I looked at them both and needed to act quickly.

He leaned down toward her and I kicked him in the face, he grunted and looked at me. I kicked again even harder and he fell back. Quickly getting up I looked around, two more were coming down the hall toward us. I looked searching the area for something, anything to use, a fire hydrant was still mounted on the wall.

Quickly grabbing it as the corpse slowly rose up, I braced myself and swung the hydrant at the corpses head as hard as I could. A crack filled my ears as his head was lightly split open, blood starting to pool out slowly.

I struck again harder and harder, the crunching sound turned to mush as the corpse fell down, I was overcome with fear and adrenaline. I did not
realize I was already stomping on his head, caving it in more. Sarah yelled my name. I looked at her and the two corpses that were still making their
way toward us, were less than twenty feet away.

I lifted the hydrant above my head and threw it at one of them, landing straight in the chest, watching it fall down without thinking I picked Sarah up and ran toward the exit, breathing heavily as the automatic doors slowly opened and we exited outside.

We both gasped in horror to what our eyes were seeing, cars, people, fire, and screaming filled the cool September night. A lady was trapped inside her car as two corpses made there way inside and began to feast upon her, her screams turned to blood choking in her throat in a matter of seconds and even that was torn into.

"H-How?..How could all of this happen so soon?", Sarah muttered as she looked at me.

"I don't know", looking at her just as worried.

We heard a car driving down the street way too fast for the road that the driver was on. In slow motion we watched as a corpse in the back seat was trying to attack the driver, the car slammed into another and both were thrown out of the windshield and onto the pavement. The driver had met his fate, hitting his head first and sliding across the pavement on his face, chunks of flesh and blood smeared behind him. The corpse only managed to land on another car, before slowly getting up and off the car to finish what it had once started.

"We need to go now!", Sarah's voice was in a utmost panic and I couldn't agree more. I looked behind us and the two corpses from inside the hospital were less than five feet from the door, I held Sarah close to me and we ran straight to her home. (Part two coming soon).

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