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The Disappearance of the Wilson Family
Posted by DeadLight63
Date Posted: 01/09/2014

The case of the Wilson family had been long been kept from the public's knowledge, for several reasons. Police were still debating what had happened, witnesses refused to talk about what they had seen, and the city government pretended that the entire incident never even happened.

The town was nothing special. It was a small suburban town most wouldn't even notice on a majority of state and national maps. It was mainly comprised of streets full of houses and gardens, with only a few businesses lining alongside fast-food restaurants. The center of the town had a small hospital connected to the town hall, with a public park on the opposite side of it.

Likewise, the Wilsons were your typical family. They paid their taxes, worked their jobs and went to school. Everything was normal until one day in
October, when a neighbor to the Wilson family made a phone call to the police department. The officer who received the call was thirty-one year old
Edward Mills, a Caucasian man who took his job seriously.

"Police department, what is your emergency?", he asked, tapping a pen against his desk.

"Yes, hello, police? This is Amber Thompson. Someone is in my neighbor's back yard", a female replied.

Mills knew Amber. She was the jokester of the town. She was well known for
creating bogus catastrophes for people to talk and worry about. That and the fact it was Halloween night made Mills suspect that this was just a prank.

"Ms. Thompson, it is Halloween and it is the middle of the night. Do you really expect me to believe this?", he asked, leaning forward in his chair.

"Please, this isn't a joke sir! I swear to God, there is someone in my neighbor's back yard!", she persisted, her tone carrying a hint of fear and worry. Mills still wasn't convinced.

"Well, what is this person doing?", he asked, resting his arm atop of his desk, deciding to indulge her a little longer.

"He's just kind of, standing there, right in the middle of their yard...", she stammered. Mills nodded and said goodnight, he had heard enough.

Staring around the pale blue walls and dark blue carpet of the building, he made a mental note to avoid Amber for the time being. The next morning the youngest son of the Wilson family, Jacob, did not wake up like he normally did. Even when shook and shouted at by his parents, he would not wake. Doctors believed he had fallen into some kind of a coma, possibly due to his assortment of medications for his allergies and medical conditions, and taking too high of a dose. Jacob would be kept at the hospital overnight.

When night time came, the police received another phone call, this time from one of the doctors on call. Mills again took the call.

"Hello, police? This is Doctor Morgan Boon, I would like to report a disturbance", the voice stated. Boon was an honest and hardworking man,
one who had no interest in practical jokes or pranks. Mills reclined back in his seat. "What seems to be the problem doctor?", Mills replied, looking through a list of records as he alternated the phone from ear to ear.

"A man was standing in front of the hospital, next to the windows by some of our patients. The man made our patients nervous and uncomfortable, so
one of our receptionists went outside to ask him to leave. Instead, he just went around to the other side of the hospital, and he's still frightening our patients.", the doctor explained.

Mills nodded and grabbed a notepad and a pen. "Can you please describe what the man looks like?", Mills asked.
"Gladly officer, he-" the doctor's voice suddenly cut off, leaving only silence on the other line. Mills asked if the doctor was still there, but only a long beep responded.

Two police cars arrived at the hospital ten minutes later. All the power in
the hospital had gone out. While the electricians tried to get the power back online, an assortment of doctors, nurses, and officers checked on the patients. On the third floor of the building, one of the nurses screamed, and the police officers rushed to see what was wrong. Jacob Wilson's room
was empty.

A search party ensued for the next three days, with no luck in finding the missing child. A reward of $10,000 was offered by the police department to anyone who found him. On the third night, the sixteen year old Wilson twins, Adam and Jessica, passed out during a search party, and just like their brother before them, they would not awaken. Doctors were baffled.

Despite their athletic background and perfect medical history, they too had fallen into comas. For understandable reasons, their parents, Jonathan and Anna Wilson, requested that their
children remain in the house with them. With a police officer standing guard and a nurse staying overnight, it was permitted. Mills was out patrolling in his vehicle when the radio sparked to life.

"All units, we have a mysterious person at the Wilson residence, please advise", Officer Jim Wayne stated. Mills picked up his radio.

"10-4, I'm on my way", he replied. When Mills arrived, he heard a blood curdling scream coming from inside of the small yellow house. He got out of his car and raced past the vegetable garden and past the police car in the drive way. The Wilsons had been awoken by the scream, and stood over the mutilated corpse of the officer, the nurse stood frozen with a look of pure horror on her face.

Mills and the Wilsons raced to the rooms of the children, but discovered they had vanished without a trace. The mysterious person was never found.
The police department no long trusted the Wilsons to be on their own. Every minute of every day, two police officers would be near the house and
at least one officer would follow them wherever they went.

Jonathan Wilson made a statement to the
town, promising the criminal anything he wanted, just as long as he could have his children back. The police searched for the missing children for
another week, but still, they were not found. The city government was informed of what was going on, and it promised it would send help as soon as possible.

On the seventh night, the night the city government had been informed, Mills was looking through notes on the case when telephone rang. Cautiously, he picked up the phone and took the call.

“Police depart-…” he began. A shrill, panicked voice interrupted him.
“Help me!” the voice cried. Mills’ eyes widened.

It was Anna Wilson.“Mrs. Wilson, what is going on?” he nearly shouted into the phone. A faint banging noise could be heard in the background.

“He’s here! He’s coming for me! He wants my family, every last one of us! He has my husband!”, she cried. At this point, all the surrounding officers had noticed the commotion. Some raced outside to get into their cars while others crowded around Mills, as though desperate to hear the conversation.

“Ma’am, please stay calm, and find somewhere to hide. Help is on the way”, he replied. Mills motioned for the other officers to get going. “Don’t you understand?! He’s here! He’s going to take me! Like he took my family!”, she shouted.

Suddenly, a loud scream was heard from the other end, followed by a loud thumping noise, then a solitary bang. The line went dead silent. “Ma’am? Ma’am?!” Mills shouted. Only the silence responded. When the police arrived at the household, both officers assigned to protect the family were found dead and Jonathan and Anna Wilson were nowhere to be found.

For the next two weeks, the city government kept a lid on the case while the whole town searched for the family. Like all other times, however, the search held no results. Three months passed and there was still no trace of the Wilson family. Nor was there any evidence saying what had happened. On the first day of February, Mills received a phone call from his uncle in California.

“Hello Uncle Max, how are you?”, he asked politely.
“Edward! I’m so glad you picked up.”, his uncle replied. This concerned Mills greatly. His uncle was a very stoic and hard individual. But the tone he used carried fear and worry with it.

“Is something wrong?”, he asked in a concerned tone.
“Just… Just keep your cousin Jake in your prayers for us. Okay?”, his uncle requested.
“Why? What’s wrong?”, Mills asked.
“Well, we don’t know why, but… He’s fallen into a coma.”

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