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365 Days of Halloween

Scary Baby Attack Scary Baby Attack
Watch the Devil Baby attack and scare unsuspecting people....
Jingle Bells Reversed Jingle Bells Reversed
Listen to this jingle bells tune in reverse and you will be scared....
Fire Everywhere Fire Everywhere
Watch these fiery explosions and mishaps and you might get scared! ...
Scary Coyote Scary Coyote
You are out in the wilderness and along comes a hungry coyote!...
Scary Chicken Guy Scary Chicken Guy
FEAR The Chicken Guy! It's pretty scary what this guy can do with his body....
Security Cam Ghost Catch Security Cam Ghost Catch
Check out this amazing video that may prove that ghosts really do exist. ...
Scary Mary Poppins Scary Mary Poppins
Mary Poppins with an evil twist? Watch Mary Poppins as Scary Mary. ...
The Great Golf Scare The Great Golf Scare
The Great Golf Scare - Another one of those creepy green guy scare videos. Golfing was supposed to b...
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Zombie Demolisher 3 Zombie Demolisher 3
Use physics and a wrecking ball to demolish evil zombies....
Slender The Cursed Forest Slender The Cursed Forest
Try to need to find all 11 pages in a huge cursed forest, in the dark....
Dungeon Nightmares Dungeon Nightmares
Explore a dark dungeon, open doors and locks by candlelight, while creepy characters try to scare yo...
Zombie Truck 2 Zombie Truck 2
Drive a deadly truck and use loads of weapons against zombies roaming the countryside....
ReZer 2 ReZer 2
Fight an attacking monster using hand knifes, spiked clubs and other deadly weapons....
Night Terror Night Terror
Run and jump in the dark and use a flashlight to blind the monster chasing you....
Anti Zombie Bunker Anti Zombie Bunker
Protect your ground position by shooting the anti-zombie turret at approaching zombies.. ...
Dead Hell Dead Hell
Try to survive as a sharp-toothed zombie in an underground laboratory full of enemies....
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