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An original audio drama series, with stories set in a nightmare world of the ear and the mind.
Added: 2005-08-22 Hits In: 1063 Hits Out: 6057

Angels & Ghosts
Angels & Ghosts
Added: 2005-01-16 Hits In: 3934 Hits Out: 6056

The Old Wife's Tales
Over 200 original short stories of mystery, murder, horror and the supernatural.
Added: 2003-09-13 Hits In: 39 Hits Out: 5981

Official home of, "Timeslips & Terrors." Web site offers extensive information for writers as well as free reading, games, and other activities.
Added: 2005-10-11 Hits In: 934 Hits Out: 4215

The Infected
Online home of the AUTUMN living dead novels. Includes free download of entire first novel.
Added: 2005-01-30 Hits In: 435 Hits Out: 3577

A collection of ghostly limited edition changing porrtraits ggreat for halloween or for the person that loves the unusual.
Added: 2004-11-11 Hits In: 677 Hits Out: 3476

Nightmares Etc
Movie FX artist Conor McCullagh now offers his amazing work for sale on his site, he has worked on movies such as FvJ, seed of Chucky and many many more.
Added: 2005-03-09 Hits In: 105 Hits Out: 3169

The Dark Fiction of Nate Kenyon
Tim Lebbon calls Nate Kenyon's novel Bloodstone a "stunning debut." Doug Clegg calls it "a white-knuckler of a page turner." Learn more about the author at his website, which includes novel excerpts, message board, contests and more!
Added: 2005-09-21 Hits In: 634 Hits Out: 3131

Death Becomes You
Morbidly Hilarious. Let us put you into an early grave with ouranatomical chocolates, our embalming,autopsy and shockumentary videos, post mortem collectibles,novelties and more.
bluelips.com/?source=everything scary
Added: 2004-05-08 Hits In: 2609 Hits Out: 2890

True Ghost Stories
Real life ghost stories and hauntings from the UK and around the world.
Added: 2005-06-27 Hits In: 996 Hits Out: 2588


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