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September 2004 - October 2006

Jan - October 2006

The Bell Witch - The Bell Witch

Nov - Dec 2005

All Things Zombie - The best zombie site on the web! News, reviews, contests, downloads, and much more!

October 2005

Halloween is Here - Halloween costume ideas, ghost stories, recipes, games, shopping, e-cards, haunted house, ghoul school, buried alive, more! It’s never too early for Halloween!

Aug - Sep 2005

Odd History - like the title says

July 2005

Haunted Portraits - A collection of ghostly limited edition changing portraits great for halloween or for the person that loves the unusual.

June 2005

May 2005

Angels & Ghosts - Explore evidence about ghosts & angels. View ghost pictures, photos & web cams.

April 2005

The Old Wife's Tales - Over 200 original short stories of mystery, murder, horror and the supernatural.

March 2005

Fangoria - America's Horror Magazine

February 2005

WHAT WAS THEN - Tales of the Unexplained

January 2005

EVP Electronic Voice Phenomenon - Can you really record Ghost Voices with a tape recorder? Follow one man's journey into the paranormal to find out.

December 2004

The Chancery House - An award-winning virtual Haunted Inn with four floors of rooms and extensive grounds to navigate.

November 2004

Monsters A Go Go - Dedicated to the best and the worst of the horror genre. Also the terrifying movie monster database.

October 2004

Frightbytes - Choose your own adventure with these stories. Sound effects, art & music complete the spooky mood.

September 2004

The Death Clock - A friendly reminder that your life is slipping away.


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