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Movie Quotes

Christine Quote(s)

Quote: Arnie:Look I'm sorry about the movie, but this is work.
Dennis:Don't worry about it.
Quote: Listen do you like music?
uh huh
Do you like dancing?

Quote: That's just about the best smell in the world. Except maybe for pussy.
Quote: You're armed and he's not. Now in my book that makes you a chickenshit.
Quote: reperton has got a knife
Quote: Kiddo, you sold him that piece of shit you oughtta be fuckin' ashamed of yourself!
Quote: Runaway.
Quote: Not Fade Away.
Quote: Bad To The Bone.
Quote: shut it off, SHUT IT OFF, before we all choke to death.
Quote: This place is for working stiffs who gotta put food on the table, not for rich snot nosed kids like you...
Quote: If I catch you running that mechanical asshole in here again, I have you out on your ass..
Quote: Why doesn't it say, CUNTingham?
Quote: I know a creep when I see one. I think I'm lookin' at one right now.
Quote: GEORGE LEBAY:He had a five-year-old choke to death. He wouldn't get rid of her. He'd be rolling around with the radio blaring,not a care
in the world,except for Christine!
Quote: she has the body of a slut(referring to girl)
Quote: We found your boss, Will Darnell, dead in your front seat with a shotgun by his side.
Quote: Okay, Jack. C'mon out, the ride is over. I have to come get ya', I'm gonna GET ya'.
Quote: Some shithead is following me! I just hope he comes in here!
Quote: I didn't think you could still buy this color anymore. Can you, can you Arnie? I guess you can because I did.
Quote: We'll make it better, huh? Can't hurt us anymore. Not if we work together. We'll show those shitters what we can do.
Quote: Okay. Show me.
Quote: Did it ever occur to you that part of being a parent is trying to kill your kids? See ya' round pal.
Quote: ...then I made him get rid of it, for decency. Car came back three weeks later.
Quote: knight rider atleast talks
Quote: This car sucks
Quote: bug out, dennis, you don't need this
Quote: I hate rock and roll.
Quote: < You tryin to help your frined right out of here chuck?>
Quote: Let me tell you a little somthin' about love, Dennis. It has a voracious appetite. It eats everything--friendship, family. It KILLS me how much it eats! But I'll tell you somethin' else--you feed it right and it can be a beautiful thing and that's what we have. You know when someone believes in you, man, you can do anything, any FUCKING THING IN THE ENTIRE UNIVERSE and if you believe RIGHT IN THAT SOMEONE then WATCH OUT, WORLD, because NOBODY can stop you then, NOBODY, EVER!!!
Quote: You can't buy a car, what in the world are you talking about? You're seventeen years old!
Quote: My asshole brother bought her back in September '57. That's when you get your new model year, September. Brand new, she was. She had the smell of a brand new car. And that's just about the finest smell in the world....except maybe for pussy.
Quote: ya can't polish a turd!!

The quotes above are distinct quotations from the associated movie.

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