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Warning! This website is intended for a mature audience due to horror fiction content. May 18, 2024 Site Map
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Editor Site Picks

  • Ghosts of the Prairie - Travel guide to history & haunting of America
  • A Gallery of Demons - A study in world perceptions of 'evil.'
  • The Scales of Good and Evil - a list of the "Top Ten" evil people of all time followed by a list of the "Top Ten" good people of all time
  • Scary Legend - abandoned places, haunting places, ghosts, gouls, urban legends and more.
  • The Old Wife's Tales - Over 200 original short stories of mystery, murder, horror and the supernatural.
  • True Paranormal Tales - When the Grim Reaper visits you and you breath your last breath, what will happen next?
  • Abandon Asylums - A pictorial tour through asylum architecture and history.
  • Scary Review - Scary Review covers horror, fantasy and science fiction movies.
  • Girl Monsters - Girl Monsters are cute and creepy cartoon monster girls. An interactive site for girls and monsters.
  • Haunted Portraits - A collection of ghostly limited edition changing portraits great for halloween or for the person that loves the unusual.
  • Halloween is Here - Halloween costume ideas, ghost stories, recipes, games, shopping, e-cards, haunted house, ghoul school, buried alive, more! It’s never too early for Halloween!
  • Monsters A Go Go - Dedicated to the best and the worst of the horror genre. Also the terrifying movie monster database.
  • GhostHub - A web site devoted to the paranormal. We have user submitted ghost photos and pictures. You decide which are real evidence of the paranormal.
  • WorldofGhosts.co.uk - is a forum dedicated to discussion on ghosts and the paranormal.
  • Scaredy - Includes halloween games, pranks and movie reviews.

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