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Top 10 Most Sadistic Ways to Die Poll

Which movie scene portrays the most sadistic way to die?

Saw III - Man stretched apart on torture machine
Seven - Man strapped to his bed
The Hitcher (2007) - Man stretched in opposite directions by trucks.
Haute Tension - Killer uses concrete saw on man's stomach
Saw I - Man tunnels through razor wire maze to escape basement
Silence of the Lambs - Lecter fatally beats and disembowels an officer
Sin City - Dismembering of the little twirp Kevin then being eaten by dog
Final Destination II - Fire escape ladder through the eye
Hannibal - Lecter feeds Paul Krendler his own brain
Hostel - Businessman slashes Josh's achilles tendons and more

Please submit your choice for other movie scenes not listed here

Note: The Movie Scenes listed above are fictional but unusually imaginative.

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