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Scary Stories from real people. We do not correct spelling or grammar. If you're looking for great story sites click here

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From the Unseen
Posted by Lamby 08/12/2017 SID: 4733
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The damp, heavy breeze clung to my overcoat as I walked among the cobbled streets of Morstrun. A little fishing outlet all but forgotten by it's neighboring vistas, and towns. I even dare say the sun itself has forgotten this dank vestige of seaside living. I have come here as a sanctuary of sor...

It started at the Morgue part 2.
Posted by Midnightash 08/30/2015 SID: 4694
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We ran..fast and hard, the groans of the now living dead filled the coming night. "How?.. why? what was going on?", I thought keeping pace with Sarah making sure she didn't fall behind. "HELP!" We both stopped instantly and looked to our left. A woman was trying to get out of the passenge...

It started at the morgue.
Posted by Midnightash 08/10/2015 SID: 4689
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I've always had this fascination for hospitals and everything that has to do with the dark side of medicine. I've wanted to work in a hospital for several years but I knew that wasn't my true calling, I prefer the arts. One day I went to the hospital here in town to visit a friend who had broken...

The Little Girl in the Red Cape
Posted by kiko 04/22/2011 SID: 3055
Full Story | Preview

A little girl’s parents went out for a business dinner so they hired a babysitter to watch her. “Can I have some ice cream?” the little girl, Holly asked after supper. “Sure” the babysitter, Beatrice said. “Where’s the freezer?” “In the basement, so are the nuts, cherries and candy and stuff.” ...

Posted by LuckyyScaree 07/06/2014 SID: 4580
Full Story | Preview

When I was younger, my grandmother use to tell my brother and me stories of when she was a little girl. They were never that scary. She stopped after a while because she saw we were not interested. Then one day she told us a story that changed it all. She told us a story of a woman named Rose wh...

The Face in The Picture
Posted by MeaganH100 03/17/2014 SID: 4506
Full Story | Preview

I had a best friend named Courtney. Her boyfriend's name was Jonathan. Both Courtney and Jonathan liked to explore abandoned houses, mostly because she was really into photography and an old creepy house had one of the best settings for a photo shoot in her opinion. Jonathan wasn't always very excit...

Creepy CD saved my life.
Posted by GreenDaysIdiot 09/13/2005 SID: 784
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I had a really good friend named Annie.She had a band she sung in and she was one of the greatest and one of the most protective people I knew.Her band wasn't famous but her dad had a recording studio in their basement.So she recorded their first cd with the band there.Her very first cd was a gift f...

Posted by DeadLight63 06/01/2014 SID: 4558
Full Story | Preview

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be lost? Now, I don't mean like if you're in an office building and you don't know which way it is to the meeting room. I mean you're on some kind of hike or tour and you stray away from the normal path, wander around for a few hours, and look up, only...

My Mind Is Your Mind
Posted by capnraeann 08/15/2013 SID: 4389
Full Story | Preview

Eyes, I can feel them. Always behind me no matter where; almost like they're inside the back of my own mind. It's cold in my apartment, but sweat still covers my brow. Soon dawn will come, and until then I will sit...wait. I know if I move I will surely be overcome. My body relaxes as soon as ...

The Disappearance of the Wilson Family
Posted by DeadLight63 01/09/2014 SID: 4468
Full Story | Preview

The case of the Wilson family had been long been kept from the public's knowledge, for several reasons. Police were still debating what had happened, witnesses refused to talk about what they had seen, and the city government pretended that the entire incident never even happened. The town was no...

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